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Villages of Las Alpujarras

Our blog sometimes just points out things of interest – and this can mean videos on YouTube, under the category ‘Stuff we find‘. We’ve done it before with this film about Órgiva. Here is another. We’re not sure if people put videos on YouTube for their friends or for public but having people smile out at … Continue reading

Butterfly Bafflement

Just before we left the casita we spotted two butterflies in the garden. There haven’t been that many to spot to be honest and if there’s a decline in the population, like there has been in the UK, then it’s no surprise. We think the butterflies – which we managed to photograph – were either … Continue reading

The pomegranate city – Granada

Among the orange and olive trees in our garden there’s a lone pomegranate tree. It doesn’t stand out particularly – you’d never give it a second glance if it wasn’t for its beautiful fruit in different states of ripeness. Some green and others cricket ball red. Writing this post in 34C heat with hard earth … Continue reading

Booted and suited – birdwatching

After we spotted an impressive bird circling overhead a while ago, we tweeted to Alpujarras Birdwatching about it. Knowing what area it was spotted – looking towards the Sierra de Lújar from Órgiva – they responded suggesting it could be one of several birds. A little bit of research on the website (we know little … Continue reading

Goats eating sugar cane

We know we have a some younger followers who like seeing animals doing their stuff (Hi Anna, Sophie and Daniel!). So here are some goats who live at the end of our lane having supper. We think they’re eating sugar cane shoots. They look really healthy and have a rather soppy-looking dog guarding them. 

Eucalyptus tree damage (photo)

Eucalyptus trees are common in this area. They tower above everything casting mottled shadows. Some are dead – or dying – including these ones we photographed. They’ve been attacked by Eucalyptus Longhorned Borers. Healthier trees are more resistant to them but weaker trees under stress – maybe during very dry spells – are less so. Despite … Continue reading

Lie back and think of Spain (photo)

OK, this isn’t the most original photograph but when it’s raining yet again in England, this always brings out a sunny smile.

Acequias – water, water, every where

The sun torments the brow, the ground crackles and snaps beneath your feet – and you can think only of water. Before we’d ever been to Spain we didn’t know much about acequias – the ancient conduit system of water distribution – but once there we were fascinated by them. (See below for our short … Continue reading

Snakes alive…and dead

In our combined nine decades on this planet only one of us has seen a snake in the wild – in the sea in Thailand. Its head was erect out of the water – having a good look around. In Spain, we’ve already spotted three – two on a walk from Órgiva to Lanjarón and a squashed … Continue reading