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A shared view – a moment of connection

It’s not the first time we’ve had a guest post from Charlotte, who lives in the US. She loves the Alpujarras as much as we do. Her previous stories – A Quiet Escape on the Ruta Olivos Centenarios and On the buses – an American in Paradise are a joy to read. So it’s a … Continue reading

El Camino del Rey – don’t look down

[Note: old post. The Camino del Rey is now open to the public.] It’s entirely possible to spend days watching videos – cute kittens, favourite bands, Michael Thomas’s goal against Liverpool in 1989 – and we never tire of these amazing films of El Camino del Rey – the King’s Walkway (sometimes El Caminito del Rey). … Continue reading

Pampaneira: traveller, come live with us

We suspect Pampaneira gets a little overlooked in favour of the other ‘white villages’ of Las Alpujarras – like Bubión and Capileira. Maybe because it’s the first you come to after leaving Órgiva – a snaking 25 minute drive – and people may have an urge to head higher. But we like it and it’s worth … Continue reading

Villages of Las Alpujarras

Our blog sometimes just points out things of interest – and this can mean videos on YouTube, under the category ‘Stuff we find‘. We’ve done it before with this film about Órgiva. Here is another. We’re not sure if people put videos on YouTube for their friends or for public but having people smile out at … Continue reading