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Off your trolley in Órgiva

No self-respecting shopper in Órgiva would want to be seen without a trolley. Like the town’s bars, dogs and PA announcements about forthcoming fiestas, you can’t escape them. It’s usually women at the helm but we’ve spotted men guiding them through the streets. And, as if stumbling upon a funeral cortège, ordinary people stop to … Continue reading

Shops in Órgiva

Firstly, there’s a map at the bottom of this post…plus: NEW: Summer in Órgiva 2018. Here’s our guide to the shops in Órgiva. You can also read about the supermarkets, places to get Wi-Fi and internet and the weekly outdoor market. There are obviously more shops than this in town, but we can’t fit them … Continue reading

Supermarkets in Órgiva

Órgiva has several supermarkets, each with its own personality. None of them are, thankfully, like the monumental Al Campo in Motril which once managed to squeeze a pet shop into it. Here’s our take on each one – should you need baby wipes, olive oil, washing powder – or a bottle of Tabasco. The map below shows where … Continue reading