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Puesto 43 fish bar – Granada

Off to Granada again, we met friend Zainab (see her fabulous post about horse riding in Las Alpujarras) on a day that reached 37 degrees – ‘not that hot’ we were told, in a city known for its oven-like temperatures. It was Zainab’s suggestion to meet in Plaza Gracia, slightly off the beaten track and home … Continue reading

Restaurante Los Manueles – Granada

So, back to Granada, the bustling, baking city of much beauty. Parking the car in the Alhambra car park* (for fear of being fined for entering the inner traffic zone), we meandered down through tall trees towards el centro. Flanked by people who had walked just 200 metres but who were sweating like athletes at the end of … Continue reading

Pomegranate (photo)

This pomegranate looks fresh, but it’s actually a week or two old; perhaps wrenched from the tree by the wind that often grows stronger for a while in the baking afternoon. The surface is dried and hard and we collected it after it had fallen; split open to reveal its rose-coloured pearls – a fruit … Continue reading

La Casita de Papel restaurant – Lanjarón

After visiting Lanjarón’s honey museum we stopped off at La Casita de Papel for lunch. We’re glad we did as it’s a nice spot and the food was good. S opted for the menu del día (€10 including drink) and had a delicious soup of lentils, chorizo and smoked ham. For the main, grilled fish and for dessert a … Continue reading

Vegetable soup with coriander and preserved lemon pesto

Earlier today we looked in the fridge and decided to make a soup – and it turned out pretty well, too. In March we preserved some lemons and so glad we did as, in the right dish, they add a fabulous flavour. Ingredients: onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, handful of chopped coriander (parsley would do), loads of … Continue reading

Pintxos paradise in San Sebastián

You don’t need a grey, drizzly day, which is common in San Sebastián, to side-step into a pintxos bar in Spain. Come rain or shine, people make pilgrimages to these places and it’s no surprise: what they serve is utterly delicious. Our first experience of pintxos was great fun and, before touring several in the narrow streets … Continue reading

Will you still love me too, Moro?

In the sad week that both England and Spain were dumped out of the Copa del Mundo and one of the best songwriters ever, Gerry Goffin, died at 75, we had a celebration – a birthday. Not a major one but perhaps a toe-dip into the other side of life’s pond. Apart from the odd curry we’re … Continue reading

Casa de Vinos – Granada

We once calculated we’d spent 4.7 years of our lives in wine bars. We added an hour to the total in Granada at Casa de Vinos, a bar tucked away in the backstreets of this fabulous city – which isn’t a treat to visit as it costs just €5 each from Órgiva by bus. We … Continue reading

Hotel Alcadima restaurant – Lanjarón

A decent starter followed by a so-so main course – sound familiar? Off we went for the menu del dia at Hotel Alcadima in Lanjarón, a 10-minute drive from Órgiva. We parked, headed to the spot our own favourite photo was taken and headed down a side street to the hotel. We found a shady spot outside to … Continue reading

Images from the ‘Hecho en La Alpujarra’ festival, Órgiva

Yesterday we visited all the stands at the ‘Hecho en La Alpujarra’ festival here in Órgiva. It was busy with people trying out local produce and admiring the handmade products from rugs to pottery, shoes to jewellery. We couldn’t resist a plate of meats – although some were hard to identify, so we left them. Pampaneira’s … Continue reading

Making churros without swearing

A daughter of friends of ours back in Blighty – the fabulous Phoebe – took an interest in Spain’s ubiquitous snack churros, after we bought her a mug, perfect for chocolate sauce. Her Spanish class even mentioned them this week. We’ve never cooked them but certainly eaten them. There’s a churros and roast chicken shop … Continue reading

La Almazara restaurant, Órgiva

Twenty years ago a marmalade kitten – later named Isodoro – turned up at La Almazara restaurant here in Órgiva. He’s been here ever since. He’s often seen in the same spot, like a flattened pumpkin, soaking up the sun’s rays; a purring pinball bouncing between tables for titbits. And he’s a lucky cat indeed … Continue reading

Doing things by halves – squeezing oranges

A week after our photo of ripening oranges, here they are put to good use – or should that be good juice. A pressing engagement – lasting about 15 minutes and taking 60 oranges – resulted in two litres of a proper drink, decanted into an old Fanta bottle (a friend…er…bought it). Related posts: A … Continue reading

A pepper mill from Florence

One of our fathers bought a pepper mill from a restaurant – Trattorio Cammillo – in Florence in the 1970s for around £20, no doubt after a delicious meal and a glass or two of wine. It must have left the manager with a smile on his face – and the risotto must have been … Continue reading

A month of sun days (photo)

We took a photograph of the same two oranges every day for a month. We’re lucky to have several orange trees in our garden. The oranges from each one are different. Some are sweet, others more sharp; some are juicy, others offer little; some have pips, others don’t; some are large, others small. A sunny … Continue reading