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My sherry amour – Pathé film (1964)

Filmed in 1964 – when seven out of ten bottles of sherry were exported to Britain – this short film contains all colours of the rainbow in the women’s fiesta dresses – with ink-black bulls for contrast. We love these old Pathé films and wonder if anything has much changed in Spain. The loud, mad … Continue reading

Feria de Órgiva 2015

If you live in Órgiva you’ll know all about the feria, despite it being barely advertised for the benefit of visitors. It starts this Thursday 1 October and unofficially marks the end of summer and, as the sun is playing hide and seek between the odd raindrop, that seems apt. Note that shops and supermarkets are closed … Continue reading

A walk to Sacromonte, Granada

In brutal August heat with our backs as wet as newly-caught mackerel, we followed our noses to the area in Granada known as Sacromonte (‘sacred mount’). For every ten visitors to neighbouring Albaicín, one visits this area, it seemed to us anyway. High up, both have views that leave you – well – in awe of … Continue reading

Granada ceramics

Corpus Christi dominates Granada at the moment; a seven day fiesta of processions, exhibitions, competitions and even puppet shows. Being campo-dwellers the celebrations took us a little by surprise as we left the underground car park into a camera flash of sunlight – and 30 degrees. The entire centre of the city had become a … Continue reading

It’s nice to get out once in a while

It’s that time of year again – approaching Easter – when Órgiva’s church swells like a broken dam of people filling a cave. Everyone, except us it seems, is in their Sunday best, even though it’s a Thursday. The band tuck themselves in above the church’s entrance and fill the air with a dense sound. … Continue reading

Nativities seen: a crib crawl in Granada

We’ve spent a fair bit of time in Granada recently and today returned to the Capilla Real to gawp at the tombs of Queen Isabelle and King Ferdinand. We decided she looked a bit like a hamster and he like a member of a 90s Britpop band, possibly the Inspiral Carpets. In the city centre, shoppers were out … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #10

Anyone who visits Órgiva will walk up this street opposite the church and near Galindo bar. Taken in the 1970s, the photo shows a band procession behind the statue of Cristo de la Expiración which is removed from the altar of Órgiva’s church (La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Expectación) each year and carried around town. It could … Continue reading

Órgiva tapas festival

[2014 post] Not only is it Constitution Day in Spain on Saturday 6 December and the Dia de la Inmaculada Concepción on the 8th, Órgiva hosts its own tapas festival over four days. Head to Plaza Alpujarra (the big square on the way to the weekly market) and you’ll be greeted by the huge marquee … Continue reading

A flag is raised in Órgiva

Deserted streets, overhead canopies bulging with rain water and the church bells ringing out for longer than usual – there’s a strangely damp, sombre feel to Órgiva today. Earlier, dressed in dark green and marching to a funeral-like drum, the Guardia Civil band headed up Calle Doctor Fleming to their base on Plaza Alpujarra. A … Continue reading

Flamenco flair at Órgiva fair

The streets are full of people as smoke from fresh, grilled sardines fills the air – a charcoaled scent of the sea. Pop-up bars selling beer in plastic glasses extend over the pavements and a muffled, looped announcement from the town’s PA is lost in chat and laughter. Órgiva’s fiesta is in full swing and … Continue reading

Feria de Órgiva 2014

If you live in Órgiva you’ll know all about the feria, despite it being barely advertised for the benefit of visitors. It started on Thursday 2 October and follows a similar pattern to last year’s events. It unofficially marks the end of summer and, as the sun is playing hide and seek between the downpours, that … Continue reading

Santa Filomena in Órgiva

After four days of music performances, eating buñuelos y chocolate and loud explosions, the last night of the festival of Santa Filomena – an example of Órgiva’s much-loved celebrations – came to an end. The parading of religious effigies is, of course, nothing new in Spain and as moths flickered around the street lamps and bats … Continue reading

Cristina Aguilera in Capileira

Who are we to say it’s not THE Cristina Aguilera performing – not that would be the only reason to travel up the mountains for Capileira’s flamenco festival. An old man in a bar, sipping some orange coloured spirit at 10am, said it’s a terrific event. Like many things in Spain – for example, eating … Continue reading

A bang on the ear – in Órgiva

Not since April Fool’s Day 1979, at a Motörhead gig at the Lyceum in London, have we experienced such a cacophony. As part of Semana Santa – when the statue of Cristo de la Expiración at the altar of Órgiva’s church is removed and carried around town – there are fireworks; very, very loud ones. Today, a 100 … Continue reading

Goodbye, Paco de Lucía

Whatever I do, my sound will always be flamenco – because I am what I am A while back we wrote a post about coleslaw – oh, and the amazing guitarist Paco de Lucía. He’s died of a heart attack, aged 66, on a beach in Mexico. The mayor of his birth town – Algeciras in … Continue reading