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Hey Pesto!

At certain times of the year in the garden – after hours of watering, talking to the plants and pruning – it’s time to act. With basil, that means pesto. There’s no need for us to buy it and anyway, the shop-bought packets and jars here are invariably way too sweet. With our own olive … Continue reading

One Man and his Jog – La Alpujarra food film

La Alpujarra is simply beautiful as anyone who lives here – or has visited – will testify. It’s not the first time we’ve stumbled upon a TV programme about the area and here’s another. It’s basically a long, but lovely, advert focusing on the food typical of the region. In short, a chef – ‘Atleta … Continue reading

Some like it hot – homemade chilli sauce

The Spanish generally don’t like chillis; the only dish we see them in is gambas pil-pil (prawns in olive oil, garlic and chilli, often served in small terracotta dishes – cazuelas). Spicy hot dishes rarely feature on menus which is a surprise seeing as Spain has been influenced for centuries by those who have arrived here: the … Continue reading

A pressing engagement: the olive harvest

We awoke early and headed to a friend’s olive grove, the oxalis – yet to show its yellow flowers – was crisp underfoot in the cold air. Two gigantic nets were laid beneath the first tree and off we went, agitating each branch with bamboo sticks to remove the olives. Hitting and shaking the branches resulted … Continue reading

San Agustín market – Granada

Such is the joy of discovering a ‘new’ city that stumbling across things – fountains, alleyways with exquisite balconies, bohemian bars and pop-up bookstalls – means there’s always something you’ve not seen before. Just an olive stone’s throw away from the cathedral we were drawn through the entrance of San Agustín market – a vibrant … Continue reading

Vegetable soup with coriander and preserved lemon pesto

Earlier today we looked in the fridge and decided to make a soup – and it turned out pretty well, too. In March we preserved some lemons and so glad we did as, in the right dish, they add a fabulous flavour. Ingredients: onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, handful of chopped coriander (parsley would do), loads of … Continue reading

Sopa de castañas y chorizo – get your nuts out…

On our recent walk from Pampaneira to Bubión we collected fallen chestnuts and apples. Back home, we made delicious chestnut and chorizo soup, followed by apple crumble. The chestnuts were prepared by scoring a cross in each one (to stop them exploding), adding them to boiling water and simmering for 25 minutes. The softened shell and inner skin were removed … Continue reading

Meals, markets and maths

In an interview once, we stated that costs here were around 10-15% cheaper than the UK and 25% than Ireland. It got retweeted several times, so people seem interested in the cost of living in Spain. There was nothing scientific behind our percentages but it did make us wonder how much we spend on meals. … Continue reading

Market vegetables (photo)

These were bought today at Órgiva’s weekly market. Chili con carne, salsa, ensalada y guacamole todos en el menú esta noche!

A Late Dinner – by Paul Richardson (book)

This 2007 book – A Late Dinner: Discovering the Food of Spain – was written as a travelogue by journalist Paul Richardson. He travels all over Spain detailing the regional food and ingredients he finds, taking the reader past the clichés of paella and gazpacho (delicious as they are) to other food – dishes that … Continue reading