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The best coffee in Granada

A day rarely passes without a coffee at some point. It’s either a café con leche (with milk), a solo (like an espresso) or a cortado (a solo with a splash – or ‘cut’ – of milk). Like Italy, it’s hard to get a truly awful coffee in Spain, but it can happen. Here’s our guide … Continue reading

The best tapas in Granada

Granada: home of free tapas – what a fine thing! You really do not need to spend money on food in Granada city (or province) if you go for the free tapa option. Just order a wine, beer or soft drink and wait to see what turns up. A few drinks and that’s lunch done … Continue reading

San Agustín market – Granada

Such is the joy of discovering a ‘new’ city that stumbling across things – fountains, alleyways with exquisite balconies, bohemian bars and pop-up bookstalls – means there’s always something you’ve not seen before. Just an olive stone’s throw away from the cathedral we were drawn through the entrance of San Agustín market – a vibrant … Continue reading

Órgiva: what’s open over Christmas

What happens in Órgiva is pretty much the same as the UK and Ireland. Most things close on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. We’ve yet to experience a Spanish Christmas and will do a post about Spain’s customs at this time of the year in the next day or so. In the meantime, here’s our … Continue reading

Spot the Jesus competition

Playing ‘Spot the Jesus’ has become a popular game when we’re out and about. Some bars and shops have framed pictures of Órgiva church’s very-own Cristo. You can even get posters – €3 each or two for €5 (presumably people never want three of them). The church’s statue is hauled around town every year but for … Continue reading

Órgiva’s flea market – el Rastro

[The first and third Sunday of each month.] Looking for Órgiva’s weekly market? That’s here. Need a chain-saw, chess set or rainbow-coloured wooly hat? Or perhaps some homemade soap, a window frame or some tools? Head for Órgiva’s flea market and you’ll probably find something. We don’t know much about the market which popped up recently … Continue reading

Órgiva top five: Coffee

Looking for a decent coffee and nice place to enjoy it in Órgiva? Here’s what we think are the top five places – in the warmer months, at least. The average cost of a café con leche here is between €1 and €1.20. If you’re used to a giant coffee made with fresh milk, forget … Continue reading

A tale of two cities

Today, as M ascended the cobbled streets of the Albaicín district in Granada, S was stuck in London, surrounded by fog at City Airport. And this was before she’d go on to see three more: Heathrow, Madrid…and Granada. At 11pm, there was no taxi waiting as promised and no staff to talk to. British Airways/Iberia … Continue reading

El Viejo Molino, Órgiva

El Viejo Molino – or simply Molinos as it’s commonly known – is slightly hidden along the main route through the town. Upon entering, a sheltered inner courtyard opens up which has a large bar and plenty of tables, with a large cover to escape the sun. It must have found its way into travel guides … Continue reading


Andalucia is pretty hot a lot of the time, so beer (and sometimes water) is essential. It’s difficult to look ‘hard’ in Spain – ie, surrounding yourself with ten empty pint glasses – as beer (cerveza) is often served as una caña – a small glass that lasts about three minutes. However, you can order a larger … Continue reading