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The best coffee in Granada

A day rarely passes without a coffee at some point. It’s either a café con leche (with milk), a solo (like an espresso) or a cortado (a solo with a splash – or ‘cut’ – of milk). Like Italy, it’s hard to get a truly awful coffee in Spain, but it can happen. Here’s our guide … Continue reading

The best tapas in Granada

Granada: home of free tapas – what a fine thing! You really do not need to spend money on food in Granada city (or province) if you go for the free tapa option. Just order a wine, beer or soft drink and wait to see what turns up. A few drinks and that’s lunch done … Continue reading

San Agustín market – Granada

Such is the joy of discovering a ‘new’ city that stumbling across things – fountains, alleyways with exquisite balconies, bohemian bars and pop-up bookstalls – means there’s always something you’ve not seen before. Just an olive stone’s throw away from the cathedral we were drawn through the entrance of San Agustín market – a vibrant … Continue reading

Órgiva: what’s open over Christmas

[OLD POST] What happens in Órgiva is pretty much the same as the UK and Ireland. Most things close on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. We’ve yet to experience a Spanish Christmas and will do a post about Spain’s customs at this time of the year in the next day or so. In the … Continue reading

Spot the Jesus competition

Playing ‘Spot the Jesus’ has become a popular game when we’re out and about. Some bars and shops have framed pictures of Órgiva church’s very-own Cristo. You can even get posters – €3 each or two for €5 (presumably people never want three of them). The church’s statue is hauled around town every year but for … Continue reading

Órgiva’s flea market – el Rastro

[The first and third Sunday of each month.] Looking for Órgiva’s weekly market? That’s here. Need a chain-saw, chess set or rainbow-coloured wooly hat? Or perhaps some homemade soap, a window frame or some tools? Head for Órgiva’s flea market and you’ll probably find something. We don’t know much about the market which popped up recently … Continue reading

Órgiva top five: Coffee

Looking for a decent coffee and nice place to enjoy it in Órgiva? Here’s what we think are the top five places – in the warmer months, at least. The average cost of a café con leche here is between €1 and €1.20. If you’re used to a giant coffee made with fresh milk, forget … Continue reading

A tale of two cities

Today, as M ascended the cobbled streets of the Albaicín district in Granada, S was stuck in London, surrounded by fog at City Airport. And this was before she’d go on to see three more: Heathrow, Madrid…and Granada. At 11pm, there was no taxi waiting as promised and no staff to talk to. British Airways/Iberia … Continue reading

El Viejo Molino, Órgiva

El Viejo Molino – or simply Molinos as it’s commonly known – is slightly hidden along the main route through the town. Upon entering, a sheltered inner courtyard opens up which has a large bar and plenty of tables, with a large cover to escape the sun. It must have found its way into travel guides … Continue reading