Sierra Nevada Mountains

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Fly me to the gloom

And gloomy it is in the UK. It was a wrench to leave Andalucia’s blue sky and confetti of pink almond blossom scattering the paths. It’s not the first time – and not forever – we’ve made several trips back home. We jumped on board the carousel of airport lounges, airline seats and airline food. … Continue reading

Bubión chimney (photo)

This isn’t a chimney belonging to a very small house but an ornamental one. It’s at the viewing point as you enter Bubión – the deathly-quiet village sandwiched between Pampaneira and Capileira. The view from any of these white villages at the moment is breathtaking as the snow has come. They always stand out against the rock but … Continue reading

Lightning: a first time for everything

Just over three weeks ago we ate roast lamb while the thirsty earth soaked up the rain. There have been many warm, sunny days since – until today. Awoken at 4am, flashes of lightning lit the mountains. It was a Hammer Horror climax without the Count, a Glastonbury set, a flickering arc light, rolled into one. … Continue reading

Horse riding in Las Alpujarras

People come to Las Alpujarras in Andalucia for many reasons: to walk, birdwatch, go skiing higher up in the Sierra Nevada, or pop to the beach for the day. Another reason is to go horse riding and there can be few places more beautiful to go trekking than here. We don’t ride ourselves but a … Continue reading

An autumn walk, a loom and a dog bite

The weather’s slowly turning but today was sunny. We drove up to Pampaneira, which we visited a month ago; one of the pueblos blancos of the region and a good starting point for a short walk to the next village up – Bubión. It struck us that leaves do turn brown here; that flowers disappear, rose hips appear and … Continue reading

Órgiva from the air

A while back we mentioned this short 2007 film of Órgiva taken from the air. It’s great to see familiar buildings from above, including Órgiva’s church. If you know Órgiva well, pause the film at 18 seconds. The view is looking roughly north-eastwards over the town. The Rio Chico is in the foreground and the … Continue reading

Quiet at the back! – today’s chemistry lesson

Settle down, today’s class is about tipping wood ash from the fire onto things. Here in Las Alpujarras we’re surrounded by citrus, olive and palm trees, bourgainvillea, grape vines and various other plants. It’s early November and the jasmine is flowering and oranges ripening. We planted a herb garden recently which is doing well despite several chilly … Continue reading

Pampaneira: traveller, come live with us

We suspect Pampaneira gets a little overlooked in favour of the other ‘white villages’ of Las Alpujarras – like Bubión and Capileira. Maybe because it’s the first you come to after leaving Órgiva – a snaking 25 minute drive – and people may have an urge to head higher. But we like it and it’s worth … Continue reading

Paragliding towards Órgiva

No, we haven’t taken up a new hobby but we do love this video of a chap paragliding in Las Alpujarras. It’s worth watching the whole five-minute video to see how these guys and girls do their stuff, from taking off with no wind, adjusting their equipment to landing. From two minutes into the film you … Continue reading

Villages of Las Alpujarras

Our blog sometimes just points out things of interest – and this can mean videos on YouTube, under the category ‘Stuff we find‘. We’ve done it before with this film about Órgiva. Here is another. We’re not sure if people put videos on YouTube for their friends or for public but having people smile out at … Continue reading

Rio Guadalfeo and Rules Dam

Want a jaw-dropping view, one that reminds you that you’re just a tiny speck in nature’s wonder? Then peer down into the Guadalfeo river valley – the basin that collects water from the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada. A drive up from the south towards Órgiva, hugging the curly-wurly roads from Motril, is a … Continue reading

Booted and suited – birdwatching

After we spotted an impressive bird circling overhead a while ago, we tweeted to Alpujarras Birdwatching about it. Knowing what area it was spotted – looking towards the Sierra de Lújar from Órgiva – they responded suggesting it could be one of several birds. A little bit of research on the website (we know little … Continue reading

Sierra de Lújar sky (photo)

Lanjarón – springs eternal

‘Una pregunta chafa’ – a useless question – said the old lady to her friend after we checked we were at the correct bus stop. Thanks lady! (we’ve only ever walked to Lanjarón). The bus from Órgiva took 20 minutes, snaking its way past olive mills and rolling hills until, spectacularly, Lanjarón came into view. … Continue reading

Learning about the area – Órgiva

We’ve met a few people in and around town. OK, they’re Brits but with our limited Spanish it’s impossible to have a meaningful conversation with a local – for a while at least. One chap we met – let’s call him Frank – has been here eleven years. He’s not been the first person to tell us … Continue reading