Sierra Nevada Mountains

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Pampaneira rugs (photo)

This shot, taken when friends Zainab and Kurban came to stay, was taken in Pampaneira – one of the nearby ‘white villages’ in Las Alpujarras. We’re not sure if the seated man had lost his tour party or was a local taking a rest. Either, what a lovely spot to relax. Related posts: Pampaneira: traveller, … Continue reading

Snake skin (photo)

Walks around the vicinity throw up all manner of things: half-alive cicadas, scorpions, decapitated mice, rogue dogs chasing our cats up trees, dung beetles, wild boar damage, 20-metre trails of black ants and the odd dead bird (not resting). So here today, gone tomorrow – we can now add a shed snake skin to the … Continue reading

Solar panels outside Órgiva

A walk in heat that would melt a candle in minutes probably wasn’t a good idea; still, we headed off west out of Órgiva towards the solar plant. No idea why, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. With almost-crispy wild fennel and thyme each side – dried in the merciless heat with … Continue reading

Filling the alberca

Forgive us if this post appears a little boring at first. It’s about filling up an alberca – a water storage tank. Some people who follow our blog will know naff-all about them (as we once did) and to whom ‘water tank’ means a black, plastic thing from B&Q.  Their importance – to provide precious … Continue reading

Cristina Aguilera in Capileira

Who are we to say it’s not THE Cristina Aguilera performing – not that would be the only reason to travel up the mountains for Capileira’s flamenco festival. An old man in a bar, sipping some orange coloured spirit at 10am, said it’s a terrific event. Like many things in Spain – for example, eating … Continue reading

You are my (partly cloudy) sunshine…

If anyone’s in any doubt about whether it’s sunny most of the time here, then this is the proof (thanks to AccuWeather). We love the slight difference in the days’ description: plenty of sunshine, sunny, sunshine, abundant sunshine, sunshine and warm…oh look, there’s a sunny, warm and less humid (worry not, it’s sunny the next day). … Continue reading

A Rae of Spanish sunshine

Barbara Rae, one of our favourite contemporary artists and a Royal Academician, is no stranger to Spain – that includes Órgiva. The scenery and brilliant light of Las Alpujarras has always attracted artists. Over the years, on visits to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London, we’ve admired her astonishing use of colour and composition. … Continue reading

A Quiet Escape on the Ruta Olivos Centenarios – Órgiva (guest post)

A while back, Charlotte (and Ed) from the US wrote a fabulous post about their time in Órgiva. Charlotte offered to write another one – thank you! – and we just had to say ‘yes’. As before, it will be of particular interest to those who like walking and nature. Directions below – we hope … Continue reading

Wild boar damage

Our garden has been invaded…by wild boar, jabali in Spanish. It’s obvious where; several patches of earth have been rummaged-around-in and tell-tale hoof scrapes can be seen. It’s like someone has come along intending to dig a hole to Australia and given up after 10 minutes. We tried to do the same thing as kids in … Continue reading

Rio Chico churns

It’s rained a fair bit over the last two days. As clouds race across the valley like galloping horses, underfoot, the orange soil turns into mush. The Rio Chico, often a dust-bed of rocks and debris, is back on speaking terms. Overnight on the Sierra Nevada, 10cm of snow fell. In time it will make … Continue reading

On the buses – an American in Paradise (guest post)

…in this instance, a Californian boy and a Sussex girl living in the Midwest, US. Months ago, Ed and Charlotte got in contact via con jamón spain. When they visited Las Apujarras it was fantastic to meet them in Órgiva. Here’s their story of the month they spent here: When you live in Car Culture, USA, public … Continue reading

A tiger sky (photo)

It’s been a great day today. A grey ceiling took hours to break into sunshine and then a tiger-stripe sky appeared on the walk home. A man told us he spots ten snakes each spring on average. One of us got stung picking up a lemon and has a palm like a strawberry wine gum. … Continue reading

Granada and Eastern Andalucia by David Hewson (book review)

Like many writers in their early days, David Hewson wasn’t exactly rolling in it. But years later – having turned a popular TV series, The Killing, into a hugely-successful series of novels – he’s perhaps made, well, a killing. He’s been a journalist (having helped launch The Independent newspaper) and writer for years. In 1987 David, by … Continue reading

Flowers of the Mediterranean – by Polunin and Huxley (book)

Browsing in a secondhand bookshop is second only to eating a curry or seeing Tottenham Hotspur lose. We’ve found an original copy of Flowers of the Mediterranean by Oleg Polunin and Anthony Huxley. It’s not a rare book but a delightful one with over 300 colour pictures, 128 line drawings and 700 species described. It … Continue reading

Picture Post

Many moons ago we both drew and painted like crazy. M’s zenith of creativity was a lovingly illustrated hymn book, while S’s – studying at Chelsea School of Art in London – was a series of life drawing studies. She produced so much work we have several portfolios bulging with sketches and paintings. She started … Continue reading