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Bacon, Freud and the London School – Museo Picasso Málaga

A new exhibition – Bacon, Freud y La Escuela de Londres – has rolled into town. Not Órgiva but sunny Málaga which, on this visit, had burst into life like a disturbed ants’ nest. The summer has truly begun and the tourists were out in force. Soon after arrival – but after a plate of fried … Continue reading

Infinite possibilities in Andalucía

If this previous promo film for Andalucia featured only beautiful people, this one – from Canal Sur Turismo – proves only white people live and visit the province. We really don’t need to do the tourist guys’ job for them, but it’s a nice snapshot of the area and includes snow on the Sierra Nevada, Ronda … Continue reading

Casa Lola – Málaga

On our frequent trips along the old Roman road that stretches from Cádiz to Almería – first the Costa Tropical, then the Costa del Sol – we discover new places to eat. Sometimes we just keep driving with the music blaring and arrive in Málaga to enjoy its maze of streets, plazas and, a favourite spot, the … Continue reading

The winds in Spain – a lot of hot air

Everyone knows about the rain in Spain but the winds deserve a mention. We’ve been here in March when it barely relented for five days in a row and, on the odd occasion, we thought we’d end up somewhere over the rainbow. The fabulous meteorologist Steph Ball (on Twitter), who’s based in Gibraltar, drew our … Continue reading

1967: anatomy of a film – Jerez, Andalucia (part 1)

A sherry-drinking mouse up a ladder; a pale blue Austin whizzing around Andalucia; beautiful Spanish women – and it’s all from 1967, courtesy of British Pathé, which recently put 85,000 clips on YouTube. In this film there’s barely a a word of commentary that isn’t interesting or entertaining. Watch until the end – it’s fabulous; … Continue reading

Goodbye, Paco de Lucía

Whatever I do, my sound will always be flamenco – because I am what I am A while back we wrote a post about coleslaw – oh, and the amazing guitarist Paco de Lucía. He’s died of a heart attack, aged 66, on a beach in Mexico. The mayor of his birth town – Algeciras in … Continue reading

Northern Soul Girl dances in Andalucia

More Stuff we find: A video shot in Brighton, UK, of a woman dancing should bring a smile to most people’s faces (unless you’re a miserable old git). The woman – Levanna McLean – has since hopped on a plane (or maybe boat) and recorded a new film dancing in a village in the province … Continue reading

A curry on the coast: Nerja

[Update 2022: the original owner of Jaipur has since left and we cannot comment on the place now. We have since discovered ‘Mum’ in Nerja, not far from the Balcon de Europa, which is very good.] Last night I dreamt I went to Jaipur again. This time though, not the Indian restaurant in Dublin, rather … Continue reading

Christmas in Spain

With the sun shining, a gentle breeze and the thermometer at 18C, it’s easy to forget that back home millions of people are entering the frenzy of Christmas and New Year. Families suddenly like each other, everyone ‘helps out in the kitchen’ (gets in the way) and people witness neighbours’ fights which spill out into … Continue reading

Andalucía in four minutes!

Here is a time-lapse film about Andalucía – basically a four minute fast/slow advert on the Canal Youtube oficial del Portal de Turismo. [Some of our blog followers wouldn’t ordinarily stumble across stuff like this – haven’t grown up Googling, you see…] The film features various cities (and dangling olives, obviously) and includes El Pimpi in Málaga … Continue reading

El Camino del Rey – don’t look down

[Note: old post. The Camino del Rey is now open to the public.] It’s entirely possible to spend days watching videos – cute kittens, favourite bands, Michael Thomas’s goal against Liverpool in 1989 – and we never tire of these amazing films of El Camino del Rey – the King’s Walkway (sometimes El Caminito del Rey). … Continue reading

A day by the sea – La Herradura and Salobreña

Up early, we headed to La Herradura – less than an hour away from Órgiva on the Costa Tropical. It has a marina which was recommended as a spot to have lunch. We could look at boats and pretend we were rich. But we never made it. La Herradura is a pleasant place helped largely by … Continue reading

Jardín Botánico-Histórico la Concepción – Málaga

Valencia has its own in the heart of the city whereas Málaga’s is a fair way outside it. El Jardín Botánico-Histórico la Concepción is a Málaga must-do and a relaxing way to while away a few hours. Get there early and it could be the closest you get to being lost in a tropical forest…with signposts. Even late … Continue reading

Veal meat from the face – El Pimpi, Málaga

On holiday we’re never quite sure if places we end up are aimed at tourists or where the locals go  – or a bit of both (and don’t they say a restaurant full of locals, no matter how dour or unexciting a place looks, is the place to eat?). Guidebooks can help point the culinary … Continue reading

Hotel Monte Victoria – Málaga

One of us is obsessed with wells (must be linked to a childhood nightmare about falling down one) and Hotel Monte Victoria in Málaga has a cracking one – with a grill on top. So the morning ritual was: shower, two-minute stare down the well (dropping a stone down it, obviously) and breakfast in the … Continue reading