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Abandoned bee hives (photo)

As we enter the last week of February, devoid of a leap day (the next is 2016), we awake to light and not dark. For several days the air has been warm, the daily ritual of building a fire will soon be gone. Away from the roads and bustle of Órgiva, the rocky, mainly dry riverbed of … Continue reading

Angel Vera – local ceramic artist

Hot on the vintage heels of our Camel Stop post, here’s another place we love dropping in to. Angel Vera Ceramica is housed in a handsome building above Órgiva with amazing views of the mountains. It’s the sort of place – with its higgledy-piggledy steps, garden, kiln and workshop – that you instantly want to spend … Continue reading

The sky’s the limit: Pitres time lapse

We stumbled upon this brilliantly-edited, beautiful time lapse film of the ever-changing skies above the town of Pitres, a 40 minute drive from Órgiva. The photographer – Francisco J Perez Herrera – states that ‘it’s the result of 4 months of work taking over 18,000 photographs, through more than 30 hours of editing and countless hours … Continue reading

A camel stop in the Lecrin valley

[Update: sadly, the Camel Stop has closed – however we believe it is now a holiday rental.] The Lecrin valley is a 30 minute drive from Órgiva on the way to Granada and houses a collection of municipalities including El Valle, Dúrcal, Béznar and Chite. At this time of year the stunning Sierra Nevada dominates … Continue reading

Passing wind (hopefully)

If the orange earth under our feet were the sea, our house would have headed for port a long time ago. A bride leaving Órgiva’s church would be in tears (or hopefully laughing); her hair in tatters, her bouquet ruined. The lights flicker; banshee-wailing winds have come with a vengeance. The outside area has been rearranged, … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #11

Time for another ‘Then and Now‘ but, truth be told, it’s not Órgiva but Pampaneira up the mountain. We tried hard to persuade the occupants of a house opposite – in the footprint of the original photographer’s boots – to demolish their home so we could get a proper shot. They didn’t want to know so we … Continue reading

One for the vine: pruning and the moon

It’s sometimes starless here, sometimes bible black; and on those still nights you could hear an olive drop. At the new moon – as it is today, 20 January 2015 – the valley’s dogs will know it’s time to settle down on this dark night. Our knowledge of ‘country life’ – in Ireland, England and … Continue reading

Snowy rooftops in Bubión (photo)

On a clear day you can see forever – just not today. While the UK faced its coldest night of the winter so far, here we experienced our first Spanish snow. Not exactly crisp underfoot – more soft and a bit sludgy – we still had to take care on the road leading into Bubión, one of … Continue reading

The best coffee in Lanjarón – Denebola

To Lanjarón in search of a damn fine cup of coffee – and we found it. Having lived in London where the choice of coffee establishments – from the old, formica-tabled cafés of Soho to the muffins and chrome of Costa – can be overwhelming, here it’s easier to plonk yourself down with a cortado and … Continue reading

The Órgiva fish cats are back

A while back, the internal courtyard next to Órgiva’s fishmongers was suddenly emptied of cats. After buying some gambas we’d always take a peak at the throng of moggies behind the glass – a bit like Clarice Starling approaching Hannibal Lecter in his cell – only with lots of miaowing instead of the sucking of teeth. … Continue reading

A pressing engagement: the olive harvest

We awoke early and headed to a friend’s olive grove, the oxalis – yet to show its yellow flowers – was crisp underfoot in the cold air. Two gigantic nets were laid beneath the first tree and off we went, agitating each branch with bamboo sticks to remove the olives. Hitting and shaking the branches resulted … Continue reading

2014 round-up

If you’ve stuck with this blog throughout the year, thank you. And if it was discovered recently, thanks again. We really enjoy writing it, even though the regularity of posts sometimes goes down a gear or two. It’s been a busy year, you see. We’ve also enjoyed reading other blogs out there; some crackers if … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #10

Anyone who visits Órgiva will walk up this street opposite the church and near Galindo bar. Taken in the 1970s, the photo shows a band procession behind the statue of Cristo de la Expiración which is removed from the altar of Órgiva’s church (La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Expectación) each year and carried around town. It could … Continue reading

Cacti and webs (photo)

We do like Mondays, and especially today. High pressure has slunk in from the west, smoke from burning olive logs rises vertically with no buffeting breeze, and there’s barely a sound. The low sun means sunglasses are needed as much now as in the scorching summer months; it’s a special time of year. On a … Continue reading

Órgiva tapas festival

[2014 post] Not only is it Constitution Day in Spain on Saturday 6 December and the Dia de la Inmaculada Concepción on the 8th, Órgiva hosts its own tapas festival over four days. Head to Plaza Alpujarra (the big square on the way to the weekly market) and you’ll be greeted by the huge marquee … Continue reading