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One Man and his Jog – La Alpujarra food film

La Alpujarra is simply beautiful as anyone who lives here – or has visited – will testify. It’s not the first time we’ve stumbled upon a TV programme about the area and here’s another. It’s basically a long, but lovely, advert focusing on the food typical of the region. In short, a chef – ‘Atleta … Continue reading

Eli Wallach: an Ugly time in Spain

‘There are two kinds of people in the world, my friend – those who have a rope around their neck and those who have the job of doing the cutting’ In a 1973 interview the actor Eli Wallach, who died yesterday aged 98, said: ‘I go and get on a horse in Spain for 10 … Continue reading

Goats on the Ruta Olivos Centenarios – Órgiva

Following on from yesterday’s post about the Ruta Olivos Centenarios in Órgiva – and that some of our younger (and older) readers love goats – here’s a 30-second clip. It reminds us of crossing London Bridge in the rush hour – but without being bumped in to and sworn at. It was filmed early on in … Continue reading

Goats eating sugar cane

We know we have a some younger followers who like seeing animals doing their stuff (Hi Anna, Sophie and Daniel!). So here are some goats who live at the end of our lane having supper. We think they’re eating sugar cane shoots. They look really healthy and have a rather soppy-looking dog guarding them.