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A shared view – a moment of connection

It’s not the first time we’ve had a guest post from Charlotte, who lives in the US. She loves the Alpujarras as much as we do. Her previous stories – A Quiet Escape on the Ruta Olivos Centenarios and On the buses – an American in Paradise are a joy to read. So it’s a … Continue reading

Cross words in Órgiva

An idea to remove the five metre high cross in Órgiva’s Plaza de la Alpujarra has gathered pace. Erected in the late 1950s and known as `The Cross of the Fallen’ it commemorates victims of the Spanish Civil War – but those who were on Franco’s side. At a recent town hall meeting a majority of councillors … Continue reading

Last Days of the Bus Club – by Chris Stewart (book review)

Chris Stewart loves Spain as much as ever and his latest book – the ‘fourth in the trilogy’ – brims with stories about his life in Las Alpujarras. Famous for Driving over Lemons (1999) we thought, by the third book – 2006’s The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society – things had petered out a bit. This is a return to form … Continue reading

Chef gives Chris Stewart tons of garlic

Anyone who knows anything about this area – Las Alpujarras, and in particular Órgiva – will know about Chris Stewart. He’s the best-selling author of Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Andalucia and its sequels. The book details…oh, here’s the biography on his own website. It seems almost every expat we meet knows him (one of … Continue reading

Not another post mentioning Chris Stewart!

Yes, but it serves a purpose. This interview with him shows the backstreets of Órgiva. It’s the place we ate, drank in and walked around many times when we first visited in 2012. It includes the pharmacy we bought antihistamine tablets in – and some steep steps we almost drove down while leaving town. Happy memories. At … Continue reading

Driving over Lemons – by Chris Stewart (book)

This book inspired our first trip to Órgiva. It’s about an English sheep shearer (and Genesis’ original drummer) who moved to a rundown farmhouse in Las Alpujarras in the 1980s. He makes his living farming sheep – and wrote about adventures with new  friends and neighbours. It’s a lovely book, highly-recommended. It’s the first in a … Continue reading