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A shared view – a moment of connection

It’s not the first time we’ve had a guest post from Charlotte, who lives in the US. She loves the Alpujarras as much as we do. Her previous stories – A Quiet Escape on the Ruta Olivos Centenarios and On the buses – an American in Paradise are a joy to read. So it’s a … Continue reading

Wet Órgiva update

Poco a poco, Órgiva is changing; but not in any big way. This relentless rain reminds us of those Japanese TV endurance games where contestants have pepper dusted into their eyeballs – only, in our case (and much of Spain), it is to: ‘endure a never-ending rain shower and all that this entails.’ This includes: bored … Continue reading

Angel Vera – local ceramic artist

Hot on the vintage heels of our Camel Stop post, here’s another place we love dropping in to. Angel Vera Ceramica is housed in a handsome building above Órgiva with amazing views of the mountains. It’s the sort of place – with its higgledy-piggledy steps, garden, kiln and workshop – that you instantly want to spend … Continue reading

‘Hecho en La Alpujarra’ festival in Órgiva

[Note: this post dated mid-April]. This weekend it’s the 19th annual Hecho en la Alpujarra (Made in La Alpujarra) festival. It celebrates the customs, products and crafts of the area. So, if you happen to be in town why not pop down and take a look? Much of the festival is near the Rio Chico/sports … Continue reading

Villages of Las Alpujarras

Our blog sometimes just points out things of interest – and this can mean videos on YouTube, under the category ‘Stuff we find‘. We’ve done it before with this film about Órgiva. Here is another. We’re not sure if people put videos on YouTube for their friends or for public but having people smile out at … Continue reading

A walk to Bayacas

If you fancy stretching your legs but don’t want to do a major walk from Órgiva – especially in the summer heat – Bayacas is a good place to head for. Just don’t expect an ice-cold water or beer when you get there – there are no bars or shops. It’s a 20 to 30 … Continue reading

Tree of Life – Bayacas (photo)

Bayacas – to use a cliché – is a sleepy hamlet to the north of Órgiva. When we last visited we barely saw a soul, yet alone a shop or bar. And that’s just how the people who live there no doubt like it. The church was locked, the donkeys were in the shade by the … Continue reading