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Lanjarón door (photo)

Taken in September 2012 in Lanjarón.   Related posts: Castillo Arabe y el Parque del Salado, Lanjarón Lanjarón – springs eternal © con jamón spain

One Man and his Jog – La Alpujarra food film

La Alpujarra is simply beautiful as anyone who lives here – or has visited – will testify. It’s not the first time we’ve stumbled upon a TV programme about the area and here’s another. It’s basically a long, but lovely, advert focusing on the food typical of the region. In short, a chef – ‘Atleta … Continue reading

Órgiva’s 2018 promo film

A few weeks into the new year and Órgiva’s town hall have finally returned from the local café, and – with the input of the Andalucía tourist board – have produced…er…something: Sencillamente Órgiva – Simply Órgiva. (Whenever we see the word ‘simply’ we always think of the fine sausage company from years ago in London, but enough of … Continue reading

Goodbye Campers! – Órgiva landmark bites the dust

This post may be of interest to those who know this area well, in particular, locals who knew ‘Upper Camping’ – officially Camping Puerta de la Alpujarra. As of today it has, literally, bitten the dust and looks like a modern day Pompeii. It’s a sad sight and (was) a landmark – its red pyramid-like towers … Continue reading

Vuelta a España – Órgiva and Capileira [UPDATED]

[Note: this post is from 2015] Anyone bonkers enough to cycle non-stop for hours in Spain, in August, deserves a medal – or a cold beer at least. But talk to us about cycling? Forget it. But maybe we’re about to get a tiny bit interested in it – the circus is coming to town. Beginning … Continue reading

Abandoned bee hives (photo)

As we enter the last week of February, devoid of a leap day (the next is 2016), we awake to light and not dark. For several days the air has been warm, the daily ritual of building a fire will soon be gone. Away from the roads and bustle of Órgiva, the rocky, mainly dry riverbed of … Continue reading

Yoga for old people

Someone recently asked us – after our posts about Lanjarón, like this one – was it really full of old people? Well, on reflection, maybe not. On Sunday we caught a youth breakdancing on the Avenida de las Alpujarras while a group of teenagers watched a Taylor Swift performance on a large-screen TV. However, the flyer below was … Continue reading

To Trevélez – con jamón!

We’re the millionth visitors to take the same pictures of ham but that is, after all, what Trevélez is famous for. The highest village in mainland Spain (although some would dispute this) is similar to most other white villages in Las Alpujarras: Moorish, cute (mostly), touristy in places – mainly the lower part (Barrio Bajo) – and … Continue reading

Flamenco flair at Órgiva fair

The streets are full of people as smoke from fresh, grilled sardines fills the air – a charcoaled scent of the sea. Pop-up bars selling beer in plastic glasses extend over the pavements and a muffled, looped announcement from the town’s PA is lost in chat and laughter. Órgiva’s fiesta is in full swing and … Continue reading

Foam, fiestas and Filomena – what’s on in Órgiva [UPDATED]

If you’re visiting Órgiva over the next week or so (until mid-August), here’s a heads-up on what’s going on. Keep an eye out for posters around town promoting events in venues, and around, Órgiva – and other places in Las Alpujarras. Be warned, some posters have men in tight underpants trying to look…something. And, as ever, … Continue reading

Guide to Órgiva

Here’s our guide to Órgiva, Spain. You can follow us on Twitter. Weather It’s sunny most of the time – forecast, sunrise and sunset times and up-to-date satellite picture (links open in new window). About Órgiva Órgiva is a town in Las Alpujarras, 420m above sea level – coordinates: 36°53′59″ N, 3°25′00″ W. Its population – a mix of … Continue reading

Moss – San Sebastián (photo)

While in France we popped over to San Sebastián (Donostia) in Spain – a place famous for its food and history. We stayed just one night so saw a fraction of this beautiful city. We visited the castle and excellent museum and on the way up snapped this moss and the grey bay.   Related posts: … Continue reading

A Rae of Spanish sunshine

Barbara Rae, one of our favourite contemporary artists and a Royal Academician, is no stranger to Spain – that includes Órgiva. The scenery and brilliant light of Las Alpujarras has always attracted artists. Over the years, on visits to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London, we’ve admired her astonishing use of colour and composition. … Continue reading

House names of Órgiva #1

Most people take pride in their homes in Órgiva (including washing their door steps each day) – although nearby Lanjarón wins the prize hands-down for how many geraniums can festoon a person’s home. In central Órgiva properties are numbered, but down the dusty lanes that trickle out into the countryside like tentacles, a house needs … Continue reading

Images from the ‘Hecho en La Alpujarra’ festival, Órgiva

Yesterday we visited all the stands at the ‘Hecho en La Alpujarra’ festival here in Órgiva. It was busy with people trying out local produce and admiring the handmade products from rugs to pottery, shoes to jewellery. We couldn’t resist a plate of meats – although some were hard to identify, so we left them. Pampaneira’s … Continue reading