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Órgiva: what’s open over Christmas

What happens in Órgiva is pretty much the same as the UK and Ireland. Most things close on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. We’ve yet to experience a Spanish Christmas and will do a post about Spain’s customs at this time of the year in the next day or so. In the meantime, here’s our … Continue reading

Doing things by halves – squeezing oranges

A week after our photo of ripening oranges, here they are put to good use – or should that be good juice. A pressing engagement – lasting about 15 minutes and taking 60 oranges – resulted in two litres of a proper drink, decanted into an old Fanta bottle (a friend…er…bought it). Related posts: A … Continue reading

A pepper mill from Florence

M’s father ‘bought’ the mill from a restaurant – Trattorio Cammillo – in Florence in the late 1970s (for £20?), no doubt after a delicious meal and a glass or two of wine. It must have left the manager with a smile on his face – and the risotto must have been really good. Of all … Continue reading

A month of sun days (photo)

We took a photograph of the same two oranges every day for a month. We’re lucky to have several orange trees in our garden. The oranges from each one are different. Some are sweet, others more sharp; some are juicy, others offer little; some have pips, others don’t; some are large, others small. A sunny … Continue reading

Chef gives Chris Stewart tons of garlic

Anyone who knows anything about this area – Las Alpujarras, and in particular Órgiva – will know about Chris Stewart. He’s the best-selling author of Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Andalucia and its sequels. The book details…oh, here’s the biography on his own website. It seems almost every expat we meet knows him (S once … Continue reading

String ’em up – bay leaves and chilis

We use loads of bay leaves and chilis, especially as there’s a 20 metre-high bay tree here. And a decent bag of chilis costs just 80 cents from a shop at the top of town. We’ve strung up a branch of bay alongside some chillies, which include scotch bonnets. These can have you crying like … Continue reading

Sopa de castañas y chorizo – get your nuts out…

On our recent walk from Pampaneira to Bubión we collected fallen chestnuts and apples. Back home, we made delicious chestnut and chorizo soup, followed by apple crumble. The chestnuts were prepared by scoring a cross in each one (to stop them exploding), adding them to boiling water and simmering for 25 minutes. The softened shell and inner skin were removed … Continue reading

Feed your daughter with raw internal organs!

Who thinks this picture – splayed across delivery vans across Spain – contains a human internal organ? We can imagine the client/design company meeting: ‘So Ham X, we’ve come up with this great concept to make this product really enticing – pretend the slice of ham is a human kidney!’ ‘Brilliant, you’re hired.’ Related posts: … Continue reading

Olives: preserving them

We’re surrounded by several dozen olive trees so we’re having a go at preserving them (a jar from the supermarket costs €2.50). The trees aren’t being harvested for olive oil this year as they’re biennial-bearing trees – a big crop one year, a small one the next. Despite there being tons of olives, this is … Continue reading

Órgiva top five: Tapas

Let’s get one thing straight. There’s tapa and there’s tapa. Here in Órgiva it’s of the (free) non-fussy kind. Go to other parts of Spain – like Valencia, Barcelona or San Sebastián– and it can be an art-form, although you pay for it. In fact, the relative of the tapa in northern Spain is pincho … Continue reading

Meals, markets and maths

In an interview once, we stated that costs here were around 10-15% cheaper than the UK and 25% than Ireland. It got retweeted several times, so people seem interested in the cost of living in Spain. There was nothing scientific behind our percentages but it did make us wonder how much we spend on meals. … Continue reading

Órgiva top five: Coffee

Looking for a decent coffee and nice place to enjoy it in Órgiva? Here’s what we think are the top five places – in the warmer months, at least. The average cost of a café con leche here is between €1 and €1.20. If you’re used to a giant coffee made with fresh milk, forget … Continue reading

Thyme on our hands

It seems odd, in mid-October, to be planting a herb garden – but it’s 30 degrees and it didn’t take much persuasion to make sure we have a supply throughout winter. We found a spot next to the wall of a old building – a crumbling oven and chimney open to the elements. Once a … Continue reading

Fruit from the garden (photo)

Last time we posted a picture of vegetables from Órgiva market. Here is some fruit picked from our garden including grapes, figs and pomegranates. We’ve counted just ten avocados on two trees so far – they should be ready to pick in a month’s time and then left to ripen for several days. We think … Continue reading

Market vegetables (photo)

These were bought today at Órgiva’s weekly market. Chili con carne, salsa, ensalada y guacamole todos en el menú esta noche!