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Granada Then and Now – Bernina Pastelería

When in Granada, we often visit one of the best coffee/patisserie places in the city, Bernina 1930 S.L. on Calle Almireceros – as recommended in our Coffee guide – just down from Gran Vía. (If you receive this via email, please visit the website.) Inside there’s a huge black and white photo on the wall, … Continue reading

Órgiva Then and Now – #15

Seeing as it dominates the town centre, it’s no surprise that we’ve featured Órgiva’s church previously. We captured it today as low pressure from North Africa nudged its way over the Alboran Sea into Andalucía making the skies dull and grey. No doubt when the 1933 photo below was taken it was a glorious day … Continue reading

Órgiva Then and Now – #14

A walk into town passing pink almond petals floating in puddles, battered from branches by the rain. It’s dull and grey and there’s a trail of people heading slowly towards Órgiva’s church. The bell tolls; another funeral. The local rivers carry muddy rain water towards the Rio Guadelfeo. The shops and bars are all but … Continue reading

Órgiva Then and Now – #13

Recognise this? It’s Órgiva’s church – La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Expectation – before someone decided to rid its facade of charming trompe l’oeil detail and cover it up with the bland colour it is today. Maybe it’s had other designs since the cover-up – polka dots perhaps – but it’s sad it doesn’t look like this … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #12

A popular place to park in Órgiva is behind the ‘small’ BP petrol station (there are two). This, along with the fact the road that loops behind it takes you down to roads such as Estrella and Pago, means it’s often a bustling area. Vehicles vie for parking spaces and people gather to pay their … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #11

Time for another ‘Then and Now‘ but, truth be told, it’s not Órgiva but Pampaneira up the mountain. We tried hard to persuade the occupants of a house opposite – in the footprint of the original photographer’s boots – to demolish their home so we could get a proper shot. They didn’t want to know so we … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #10

Anyone who visits Órgiva will walk up this street opposite the church and near Galindo bar. Taken in the 1970s, the photo shows a band procession behind the statue of Cristo de la Expiración which is removed from the altar of Órgiva’s church (La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Expectación) each year and carried around town. It could … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #9

Now you see it, now you don’t. The Guardia Civil headquarters in Órgiva, opened in 1948, was once surrounded by, well, not that much. Today, the Plaza Alpujarra stretches out in from of it, a car park to its right (near the site of the weekly market) and a bar to the left. Someone planted … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #8

These photos were taken on Plaza García Moreno in Órgiva. Both show the church but in the older picture the building to the left has since been knocked down. It’s currently wasteland waiting to be developed. The older photo, probably taken in the late 1950s/60s, shows a religious procession. The modern photo was taken in front … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #7

Of all the photos so far in the series, this shows perhaps the biggest change in Órgiva. Over the decades, several buildings have come into being. The church is almost obscured in the modern day shot. Today, the street runs parallel to the town’s main road between the old and new town halls and leads to … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #6

The old photograph may have been taken in the 1940s or early 1950s. It was taken from where La Alpujarra supermarket is today on the Avenida Gonzalez Robles. The shorter building at the end is where the sweet shop is. The bus is heading for Ugíjar, a town in the eastern Alpujarras. The direction it’s facing – west … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #5

The person who took the first photo could have been on their way to one of the ‘white villages’, maybe Pampaneira. It was taken on the steep main road, looking south-east over Órgiva. The bridge over the Rio Chico looks the same but the trees have grown and the sloping paths to the left of the … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #4

Like many towns, Órgiva is a mix of the old and new. Certain streets have beautiful, but dilapidated buildings, imprinted with decades of births, laughter, arguments…and deaths. The Barrio Alto (high quarter) is to the north of town and it’s lovely to stroll through its narrow streets. OK, it’s a bit rough around the edges – for … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #3

If you drive into Órgiva from the direction of Motril, this will be a familiar sight – the 2013 photograph that is. The old photograph – date unknown, but perhaps 100 years ago – was taken from roughly the same spot, just up from the old school. It shows a different town but with recognisable buildings, … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #2

This building is one of the most important in town. It was once a local school along with Santa Teresa and San José Calasanz college (both gone). It was known as the Schools of Don José Rivas – the first to open in Las Alpujarras. Now it’s known as Antiguas Escuelas D. José Rivas – so not much … Continue reading