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Lanjarón v Órgiva – how do they compare?

We’re fans of both Órgiva and Lanjarón and, while based in the former, a trip to our nearby spa town is always something we enjoy. They’re neighbouring towns in La Alpujarra competing for your affection – so just what is the difference between the two places? How dare you call me an egg-seller! Lanjarón may … Continue reading

Lanjarón’s 2018 tapa extravaganza

[This event is now over.] Following our previous post about Venta Maria reopening, we continue the food theme but this time a post with an ‘eat by’ date – IV Ruta de la Tapa 2018. Running until next Sunday (2 December), it’s a chance to savour different tapas offered up by the bars and restaurants … Continue reading

Restaurante Asador Parque – Lanjarón

The sleepy and genteel town of Lanjarón is peppered with both fountains and bars, several of which we visit regularly. A favourite over the last year is Restaurante Asador Parque on the road out of town, in the direction of Granada. We watched its construction and thought ‘not another restaurant – how can they all compete?’ but … Continue reading

Lanjarón honey window (photo)

This cute window, full of jars of miel tomillo (thyme honey), was spotted today in Lanjarón. Órgiva’s nearest town even has its own honey museum, which, like this person’s home, is filled with honey collected from the hundreds of hives that perch on mountain sides in the area. To us it sums up what La Alpujarra … Continue reading

The best coffee in Lanjarón – Denebola

To Lanjarón in search of a damn fine cup of coffee – and we found it. Having lived in London where the choice of coffee establishments – from the old, formica-tabled cafés of Soho to the muffins and chrome of Costa – can be overwhelming, here it’s easier to plonk yourself down with a cortado and … Continue reading

Hotel España – Lanjarón

The modern wallpaper covering a wall in the bar can’t hide that this building is much a part of Lanjarón’s history as its spa. As you step inside, a message greets you: ‘Desde 1917 en los muros del Hotel España se ha ido escribiendo una hermosa novela’  – roughly: since 1917 (on) the walls of Hotel Spain have been … Continue reading

Classic cars in Lanjarón

In nearby Lanjarón we stumbled upon a parade of classic cars looping through the town. There were some beauties including a Morgan, Citroën, a very handsome and plump old Jaguar and a few Mercedes. If anybody knows what the large, open-backed car is, please let us know. We didn’t get an opportunity to ask which … Continue reading

La Casita de Papel restaurant – Lanjarón

After visiting Lanjarón’s honey museum we stopped off at La Casita de Papel for lunch. We’re glad we did as it’s a nice spot and the food was good. S opted for the menu del día (€10 including drink) and had a delicious soup of lentils, chorizo and smoked ham. For the main, grilled fish and for dessert a … Continue reading

Hotel Alcadima restaurant – Lanjarón

A decent starter followed by a so-so main course – sound familiar? Off we went for the menu del dia at Hotel Alcadima in Lanjarón, a 10-minute drive from Órgiva. We parked, headed to the spot our own favourite photo was taken and headed down a side street to the hotel. We found a shady spot outside to … Continue reading

Fiestas and ferias: Órgiva and Lanjarón

[Feria de Órgiva 2015, here] [Old post] If you’re visiting the area it’s always fun to stumble upon a festival or celebration – and the locals certainly know how to enjoy them. If they’re not burning things, cooking gigantic paellas in the street or letting off fireworks, they’ll be parading religious effigies around town. And … Continue reading

Órgiva to Lanjarón walk (revised October 2013)

Here’s a lovely walk over the mountain paths from Órgiva to Lanjarón. It takes around two and a half hours. The GR-142 (Las Alpujarras route), running 144km between Fiñana in the province of Almería to Lanjarón, is the main part of the walk. Some of it is part of the 1900km GR-7 route (Senderos de Gran Recorrido) which goes from Spain to Greece. … Continue reading

Lanjarón’s former jewel

Yesterday we tweeted to Isabel Gallardo who works at Lanjarón’s tourist office. On several occasions we’ve walked passed a magnificent, but run-down, building on the road west out of town that goes to Granada. In fact, there are several buildings of note in this part of town, including Hotel España that the poet Lorca and … Continue reading

Castillo Arabe y el Parque del Salado, Lanjarón

A short climb and we sit down; Lanjarón‘s white-washed toothy grin looking back at us. Cauliflower clouds block the sun over olive groves like a painter’s watercolour wash. We look as far as we can across the mountains and imagine a man’s last view. Witnessing a death 500 years on. One last stand – and … Continue reading

Lanjarón – springs eternal

‘Una pregunta chafa’ – a useless question – said the old lady to her friend after we checked we were at the correct bus stop. Thanks lady! (we’ve only ever walked to Lanjarón). The bus from Órgiva took 20 minutes, snaking its way past olive mills and rolling hills until, spectacularly, Lanjarón came into view. … Continue reading

Órgiva to Lanjarón run (photo)

In 2012 we stayed just outside Órgiva during which time the Órgiva to Lanjarón half marathon took place. We took this picture of an interested little girl and her dog. Here’s a map of the route and the walk between the two towns we have done several times.