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Renovation of Órgiva’s bridge

This post will only be of interest to those who know Órgiva and, even then, it may be the most boring thing they’ve read in ages.

The Bridge over the River Kwai Chico is having a facelift. It was deemed unstable a while back having largely withstood (since the 1920s) first, horse/mule-drawn carts, then cars and lorries – and drunken pedestrians trying not to fall over the railings. For many, it’s just as an important Órgiva landmark as the church and the man selling roasted chickens. It is, after all, the only main route into the town from the Lanjarón side – a welcoming 30-metre gateway after the car-sick-inducing bends of the A-348 which winds itself through the Alpujarra. It’s not to be confused with the magnificent Seven Eye Bridge on the other side of town.

The renovation is costing almost €700.000 and planned to take around six months. So with the time already taken it should open in January or February 2020, by which time the snow-melt water of the Sierra Nevada will be churning its way underneath it once again. A decent and temporary bridge has been built next to the space behind the tiny BP garage and where people go to pay their respects to the newly-departed of the parish.

We understand that the improved bridge will allow traffic to simultaneously pass in both directions rather than the ‘wait your turn to cross’ system of old (can anyone confirm – or will there be traffic lights?). Once or twice we’ve inadvertently broken the priority flow rule and been screamed at by someone whose world seemed to be ending at that moment (let’s hope they were going to a yoga or meditation class).

Not all the bridge is disappearing; the base turrets of the bridge are staying and the upper part – with support rods, beams, cement blocks and road surface – will be the new addition. We assume it will be wider too but, again, we are unsure. Even from a distance – like a carcus stripped of its meat – we could see the old, exposed metal supports had corroded. At the time of writing these have disappeared and new supports put it.

We’ve been taking a few photos and will add more as time goes by. First, this is the bridge in a painting (just look at the width of the river compared to today!):

Artist: L Medina

October 2019 – taken from the small BP station

October 2019 – taken from the temporary bridge

November – renovation of support

November – renovation of support, looking towards Estrella

December – coming together: a wider road with safe pedestrian access

January 2020 – wide enough for two lorries to pass? (no)

Orgiva view today

As the bridge will be remembered

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