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One Man and his Jog – La Alpujarra food film

La Alpujarra is simply beautiful as anyone who lives here – or has visited – will testify. It’s not the first time we’ve stumbled upon a TV programme about the area and here’s another. It’s basically a long, but lovely, advert focusing on the food typical of the region.

In short, a chef – ‘Atleta Gourmet’ (@rurrechu) – bursts out of his kitchen like Superman from a telephone booth and goes jogging. His route: Órgiva to Bubión. ‘Running is freedom!’ he announces, seeking to be inspired by the food of another of Spain’s diverse regions.

He chats to various people along the way including a man squeezing milk out of a goat’s udder, the friendly bakers at Galindo’s then onwards and upwards via Carataunas and the ‘witch’ village of Soportújar.

He watches people making fresh cheese and mermelada de naranja in Pampaneira. There’s a group of women cooking a traditional dish around a fire in Bubión with – what looks like – a bowl of wallpaper paste (we think these turn into a type of dumpling as part of the stew).

The area’s defining dish, plato alpujarreño (jamón serrano, potatoes, fried egg, pork, green pepper and morcilla) makes an appearance in a bar in the same village. In fact, it was enough to make us run to the hills and enjoy a plate of goat’s cheese and jamón straight after.

Even though food is the theme of the programme, it’s really the scenery that catches the eye. With a dusting of snow on the Sierra de Lújar and in Bubión, it must have been filmed in early 2018.

It’s worth 26 minutes of your time, which is roughly what it takes to prepare a plato alpujarreño. ¡Buen provecho!

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One thought on “One Man and his Jog – La Alpujarra food film

  1. That was great, and I swear it all tastes so good because there is not a hair net, shower cap, or latex glove in sight (jaunty black John Lennon caps don’t count).

    Posted by C in Iowa | July 23, 2018, 11:00 pm
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