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Órgiva Then and Now – #15

Seeing as it dominates the town centre, it’s no surprise that we’ve featured Órgiva’s church previously. We captured it today as low pressure from North Africa nudged its way over the Alboran Sea into Andalucía making the skies dull and grey.

No doubt when the 1933 photo below was taken it was a glorious day – and possibly a similar time of year judging by people’s clothes. A group of locals go about their daily routine. There’s a horse and cart to the left, perhaps delivering vegetables to the market. The orange trees are still there, currently heavy with oranges.

It’s quite difficult to make out the layout of the area in front of the church. There’s a wooden structure to the right and – where Galindo’s bar is today on Plaza Garcia Moreno – a larger building. It was named after José Garcia Moreno who was born in Órgiva in 1857. He became a lawyer and politician, leading the Liberal Party. He also became Governor of Málaga and died in 1909.

On closer inspection it does looks like a plaza in front of the church rather than the main thoroughfare of today that dissects the town and maintains its width as it turns into Calle Doctor Fleming, but which, in the old photo, seems a narrow street.

The fountain with its ever-running water, where people fill up their bottles and dogs lap the surface in the hot summer months, is still at the same location. It was much larger then and probably didn’t get the odd crisp packet dumped into it.

The church doesn’t really lean…. click to enlarge the photo.


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