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Ceramic mural – Playa Cotobro, Almuñécar

Almuñécar – the coastal town around 45 minutes from Órgiva – is a favourite of ours. Scruffy and dated in places, it has good places to eat, an interesting castle and a pretty promenade which stretches west for a kilometre before petering out into a series of paths and beaches. It also becomes a little bit more posh – nothing Marbella-like, but simpler with attractive houses and a lack of shops selling tat.

Playa Cotobro is small but perfectly-formed and no doubt gets rammed in the summer. Further on you reach Playa del Muerto (Beach of the Dead) where you go to let it all hang out (it’s a nudist beach). We walked the length of it fully-clothed, surrounded by the bare flesh of flabby sunbathers. We would have fitted in just fine.


Unless you knew it was there, you wouldn’t necessarily spot Marina del Este across the bay as it blends in with the typical coastal view of toffee-coloured rock and bright white villas. The rock that protects the harbour is like a mini-Gibraltar. We eat there occasionally, feeding the fish and pretending we own a boat.

Back to Playa Cotobro: there’s an interesting mural made of painted tiles on Paseo de Cotobro. It’s hard to miss and really fun. We have tried to work out, and research, the artist’s name but can’t. If you know who they are, please let us know.

Similar to ‘Where’s Wally?‘ you can play spot the…

  • bikini bottoms being caught by a fishing hook
  • roman bridge (more tricky)
  • devil
  • arrows pointing to the mural’s location

Get it right and half a pound of cod could be yours. Click image to enlarge.


If you want to know more about Playa Cotobro, ‘Granada Spain’ blog has a great post about it (opens new window).

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