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Málaga timepieces (photo)

We know the exact time these watches and timepieces stopped ticking, but when? Where was Uri Geller when we needed him? Perhaps he was enjoying a bowl of salmorejo with a bent spoon in a tapas bar around the corner.

While we were looking for a certain tapas bar in Málaga, we stepped back in time into a second hand shop full of crusty oil paintings, spooky, eyeless dolls and photographs of long-dead Spanish folk. Perhaps they once visited the very same bars in this neighbourhood.

Everything in this place was brown, like a nicotine-stained London pub of the 70s. The owner, and then his son, tried to flog us three tiny paintings for €1300 – we thought they were worth about €30, so someone had got things pretty wrong.

The history of these watches is probably lost forever – but what stories they could tell.


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One thought on “Málaga timepieces (photo)

  1. I love these kind of old watches 🙂

    Posted by Marianne | August 8, 2015, 3:19 pm
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