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Órgiva from on high

If we only had wings, eh? This photograph – probably taken in the 1950s – shows Órgiva from above. An annotated version beneath it highlights certain locations and buildings, with further information. At the top of the photograph we love (what we think is) the track leading to Benizalte, the 16th century olive mill. Click on images for higher res.



Eyes down…

1. Río Chico – once wide and dominating, now often a dribble (or bone dry). See:

Rio Chico churns

A Quiet Escape on the Ruta Olivos Centenarios

2. Rio Chico again and where the sports centre and festival space now is. See:

Then and Now #5

Images from the ‘Hecho en La Alpujarra’ festival

3. The old town hall (Ayuntamiento). See:

Then and Now #1

Calle Doctor Fleming, we presume

4. Plaza Alpujarra before it was landscaped and had lovely ceramic murals added to it. See:

Órgiva’s mural

Not another post mentioning Chris Stewart!

5. The Guardia Civil building, built in the late 1940s. See:

A flag is raised in Órgiva

Then and Now #9 – Guardia Civil building

6. Órgiva´s weekly market starts a little further up this road. See:

Órgiva market

Baraka, Órgiva

7. The indoor market, home to fishmongers, lentils and notice boards. See:

Sounds of Órgiva – market day #2

The Órgiva fish cats are back

8. Órgiva´s church. See:

Órgiva’s church

It’s nice to get out once in a while

9. Castle of the Counts of Sástago. See:

Then and Now #3

10. Open fields, jumpers for goalposts, now housing. See:

Órgiva from the air

Film about Órgiva

The photograph was probably taken from a plane, not a balloon. However, it gives us an excuse to post this performance of Up Up and Away by the Fifth Dimension (who could reach the stars in their balloon) – it´s the perfect song to play loudly on repeat with the windows open.

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