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Granada junk shops

Junk may be a little unkind as there are some lovely items to be found among the grot. Descend into one of Granada’s rastros there’s a chance, among the cemetery of pine and chandeliers, you may never be seen again. But at least you’d have a choice of seating. in fact you could sit in a different … Continue reading

O magic sleep! – siestas and being useless

I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake – Ernest Hemingway Some people are up with the lark – and consequently useless to anyone by noon – so perhaps they should stick to the tradition of having lunch, pulling the blinds down and dozing off for a while. And they don’t … Continue reading

Málaga timepieces (photo)

We know the exact time these watches and timepieces stopped ticking, but when? Where was Uri Geller when we needed him? Perhaps he was enjoying a bowl of salmorejo with a bent spoon in a tapas bar around the corner. While we were looking for a certain tapas bar in Málaga, we stepped back in … Continue reading

Day of wine and roses

A snaking road just past Torvizcón takes you on a stunning journey up the Sierra de la Contraviesa. In 16km only two cars squeezed by us as we headed for Europe’s highest vineyard. At 1400m above sea level this was the first time in Spain we experienced absolute silence; no breeze, no dogs, no flies, … Continue reading

Cabo de Gata, Almería – isolated beauty

Heading east along the coast from Motril, the greenhouses around Almería sweep right to the seashore giving the impression you might be driving through a winter-wonderland rather than the driest place in Europe. More than half of Europe’s fresh fruit and vegetables are grown in these vast greenhouses which cover an area the size of … Continue reading

Órgiva from on high

If we only had wings, eh? This photograph – probably taken in the 1950s – shows Órgiva from above. An annotated version beneath it highlights certain locations and buildings, with further information. At the top of the photograph we love (what we think is) the track leading to Benizalte, the 16th century olive mill. Click on images … Continue reading