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Sunday market in Almuñecar

Órgiva has its own rastro but there are many others dotted around the province. If you head to Almuñecar on the Costa Tropical on a Sunday, you’ll be greeted with a football pitch-sized market heaving with people seemingly not buying anything. But they do, otherwise these markets – there’s another one further down the coast at Nerja – wouldn’t exist.

We’ve bought a few things recently in Almuñecar: an old map, iron brackets and a 70s hippy top (which will probably never be worn). Toys, clothes and old tools feature heavily, as does battered electronic kit – radios, speakers, TVs and the like – and there’s loads of hideous modern furniture made to look old. If you want an olive oil urn, a tiled mosaic table or an ancient, decorative farmhouse implement, this is the place to come. And if your casa is a little short on statues of the Virgin Mary, you can build a display to match the Terracotta Army.

Vinyl lovers will be happy as there is normally at least one seller with boxes of old records ranging from 70s prog to 80s pop – plus, of course, Spanish music.

On our previous visit, a woman with a volume of voice to rival Brian Blessed’s, was selling ‘perfume’ next to a man selling mangoes from a wheelbarrow. Eclectic is the word and it’s great fun browsing through everything.

We’ve been told that, like all markets, if you get there early enough there are some decent bargains – and items – to be had. Unfortunately/fortunately for us, Sunday morning is pancake and Lyle’s Golden Syrup time (yes, you can get it locally) so we always get there late. [Note: there is no market for several weeks over the summer, starting around mid-July.]

Some photos below.

Brass in pocket

Brass in pocket


Toy Story

A boar with a banana in its mouth

A boar with a banana in its mouth


More balls please

There's a Troll Doll in there somewhere...

There’s a Troll Doll in there somewhere…


Shopping bag, money, cat…


Something to do with donkeys maybe

China in your hands

China in your hands (or preferably the bin)

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