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‘When the Moors ruled Europe’ documentary

Following our previous post about our trip to the Alhambra, here’s a very good documentary entitled ‘When the Moors ruled Europe‘ – presented by the historian and broadcaster, Bettany Hughes. We think it’s one of the better documentaries and films out there (and there are hundreds). It’s not just about Granada but takes a broader look at this fascinating period of history.

So pull up a chair, make a mint tea, nibble on a small biscuit and enjoy. Ponder, too, that in the late 15th century a million unique works of Moorish culture were publicly burnt in Granada by Christians. With what’s currently going on in the Middle East, there’s nothing new, it seems, under the sun.

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3 thoughts on “‘When the Moors ruled Europe’ documentary

  1. Can`t watch it,apparently channel 4 has blocked it in UK

    Posted by Ian | April 8, 2015, 5:31 pm

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