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It’s nice to get out once in a while

It’s that time of year again – approaching Easter – when Órgiva’s church swells like a broken dam of people filling a cave. Everyone, except us it seems, is in their Sunday best, even though it’s a Thursday. The band tuck themselves in above the church’s entrance and fill the air with a dense sound. … Continue reading

Vans of Órgiva #2

The van convention returns with more of Órgiva’s bright and beautiful vehicles. One recent favourite has been a large yellow van with, what looks like, the contents of Kew Gardens’ Palm House spread across its dashboard. Another looked like it was made of Weetabix and a smaller clapped-out thing adapted into bunk beds – ingenious. … Continue reading

A cycle of seeds in Órgiva

The strips of sunlight shrink as dark spreads like black ink over the blotting paper slopes of the Sierra de Lújar. After sunset (officially around 7.15pm at the moment) there’s still a chill in the air. We put the littl’uns to bed each night; seedlings, that is. The huddled trays and pots form a plastic jigsaw in our … Continue reading