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Angel Vera – local ceramic artist

Hot on the vintage heels of our Camel Stop post, here’s another place we love dropping in to. Angel Vera Ceramica is housed in a handsome building above Órgiva with amazing views of the mountains. It’s the sort of place – with its higgledy-piggledy steps, garden, kiln and workshop – that you instantly want to spend time in.

Angel’s a talented craftsman and his shop is full of handmade tiles, mirrors and plates, many with his trademark colours of vivid orange, fern green and bright yellow. His more rustic work – like the pitted, dark chocolate and mustard-coloured tiles – could transform a table top or shelf in moments. He carries out commissions from simple ceramic address name plates to hang outside your front door to bigger projects, like making designs on behalf of the Picasso Museum in Málaga.

Walking around the local area, his work jumps out at you – for example, the ceramic ‘picture’ he did for a restaurant in Órgiva.

We’re great fans and should you be on the road between Órgiva and Soportújar (like ‘driving up a helter-skelter’ as S says) do drop in, there’s parking on the main road opposite. If he’s not too busy, Angel is more than happy to open up his workshop so you can see how it’s all done. And look out for Arturo the big, black cat – seemingly father to an ongoing classroom-sized family of kittens.

Here are some photos of Angel Vera’s workshop (pronounced a bit like ‘ankle bear-ah‘).




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