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Granada snaps

As Ernest Hemingway once said after eating half a tuna in one go: ‘Si tuviéramos que visitar una sola ciudad en España, esa debería ser Granada’ (If we were to visit one city in Spain, that should be Granada) – and we’re tempted to agree with him. A little biased perhaps – it being our nearest city – but it’s hard to keep away.

The reasons to visit aren’t always romantic (searching for a ceiling fan, for example) – but when we arrive, there’s always a spring in our step. The sometimes battered and bruised streets of Albaycín or Realejo always fascinate, the walk from Plaza Nueva up towards the house of Manuel de Falla – still not visited – is a joy (despite the current building works at the until-recently-decrepit Washington Irving hotel); while finding a quiet bar and crunching into bread topped with sweet, caramelised onion and molten cheese is a simple, and cheap, treat.

And, like all great cities, there’s always something that catches your eye. Parts of Granada are fading but can still be captured – like the ‘Kodak’ mural on an old building opposite the Alhambra (wonder what the original builder of the wall would think of that).

We returned this week and took a few snaps (click to enlarge). Nothing fancy, but if you’re looking to make that flamenco dress you’ve always wanted, we know just where to go. We never did find a ceiling fan.

Fading Kodak

Fading Kodak


Joining the dots


The Alhambra through the trees

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  1. One of my fave cities…

    Posted by setmeravelles | February 12, 2015, 2:22 pm


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