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Abandoned bee hives (photo)

As we enter the last week of February, devoid of a leap day (the next is 2016), we awake to light and not dark. For several days the air has been warm, the daily ritual of building a fire will soon be gone. Away from the roads and bustle of Órgiva, the rocky, mainly dry riverbed of … Continue reading

Angel Vera – local ceramic artist

Hot on the vintage heels of our Camel Stop post, here’s another place we love dropping in to. Angel Vera Ceramica is housed in a handsome building above Órgiva with amazing views of the mountains. It’s the sort of place – with its higgledy-piggledy steps, garden, kiln and workshop – that you instantly want to spend … Continue reading

The sky’s the limit: Pitres time lapse

We stumbled upon this brilliantly-edited, beautiful time lapse film of the ever-changing skies above the town of Pitres, a 40 minute drive from Órgiva. The photographer – Francisco J Perez Herrera – states that ‘it’s the result of 4 months of work taking over 18,000 photographs, through more than 30 hours of editing and countless hours … Continue reading

A camel stop in the Lecrin valley

[Update: sadly, the Camel Stop has closed – however we believe it is now a holiday rental.] The Lecrin valley is a 30 minute drive from Órgiva on the way to Granada and houses a collection of municipalities including El Valle, Dúrcal, Béznar and Chite. At this time of year the stunning Sierra Nevada dominates … Continue reading

Granada snaps

As Ernest Hemingway once said after eating half a tuna in one go: ‘Si tuviéramos que visitar una sola ciudad en España, esa debería ser Granada’ (If we were to visit one city in Spain, that should be Granada) – and we’re tempted to agree with him. A little biased perhaps – it being our … Continue reading