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Órgiva – Then and Now #11

Time for another ‘Then and Now‘ but, truth be told, it’s not Órgiva but Pampaneira up the mountain. We tried hard to persuade the occupants of a house opposite – in the footprint of the original photographer’s boots – to demolish their home so we could get a proper shot. They didn’t want to know so we clambered up a nearby wall, stretched out an arm and snapped the best view we could.

The painted words on the facade in the old photo have gone – perhaps remembered only by the ghosts of this lovely place. The tell-tale kink in the wall to the right of the building indicates we stumbled upon the correct house in Calle Real. The doors and windows also helped.

The mountains are still there, despite all that’s happened in between.




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3 thoughts on “Órgiva – Then and Now #11

  1. Really fun looking at your then and now photos! Can’t wait to visit Órgiva when we’re in Spain this summer. Looks perfect for sketching and painting watercolors. Ciao for now!

    Posted by susanissima | January 22, 2015, 10:09 pm
  2. Wow, what a neat juxtaposition of images.

    Posted by caitlin | back2spain | January 27, 2015, 3:02 pm

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