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Nativities seen: a crib crawl in Granada

We’ve spent a fair bit of time in Granada recently and today returned to the Capilla Real to gawp at the tombs of Queen Isabelle and King Ferdinand. We decided she looked a bit like a hamster and he like a member of a 90s Britpop band, possibly the Inspiral Carpets.

In the city centre, shoppers were out and unlike some parts of London, where manic people punch the life out of each other in search of a bargain or last-minute Christmas present, it was a sea of (busy) calm. Granada’s Christmas lights are simple but fabulous and an illuminated almond blossom tree dominates Puerta Real casting a pink glow over Burger King. A myriad pretty girls tempt people into shops by spraying perfume over them as they pass.

We went on a nativity scene (Belén) hunt in some of the glorious buildings in the city centre – including the town hall in Plaza del Carmen.

They’re not to be missed and children in particular will enjoy them. What makes them special is the everyday scenes depicted in them – street sellers, people playing cards or updating their Facebook page and so on.

According to this very interesting website, figures were originally made of materials like terracotta and wood, often made in family-run workshops.

Here’s our short clip of some of Granada’s finest nativity scenes.

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