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2014 round-up

If you’ve stuck with this blog throughout the year, thank you. And if it was discovered recently, thanks again. We really enjoy writing it, even though the regularity of posts sometimes goes down a gear or two. It’s been a busy year, you see. We’ve also enjoyed reading other blogs out there; some crackers if … Continue reading

Nativities seen: a crib crawl in Granada

We’ve spent a fair bit of time in Granada recently and today returned to the Capilla Real to gawp at the tombs of Queen Isabelle and King Ferdinand. We decided she looked a bit like a hamster and he like a member of a 90s Britpop band, possibly the Inspiral Carpets. In the city centre, shoppers were out … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #10

Anyone who visits Órgiva will walk up this street opposite the church and near Galindo bar. Taken in the 1970s, the photo shows a band procession behind the statue of Cristo de la Expiración which is removed from the altar of Órgiva’s church (La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Expectación) each year and carried around town. It could … Continue reading

San Agustín market – Granada

Such is the joy of discovering a ‘new’ city that stumbling across things – fountains, alleyways with exquisite balconies, bohemian bars and pop-up bookstalls – means there’s always something you’ve not seen before. Just an olive stone’s throw away from the cathedral we were drawn through the entrance of San Agustín market – a vibrant … Continue reading

Cacti and webs (photo)

We do like Mondays, and especially today. High pressure has slunk in from the west, smoke from burning olive logs rises vertically with no buffeting breeze, and there’s barely a sound. The low sun means sunglasses are needed as much now as in the scorching summer months; it’s a special time of year. On a … Continue reading

Órgiva tapas festival

[2014 post] Not only is it Constitution Day in Spain on Saturday 6 December and the Dia de la Inmaculada Concepción on the 8th, Órgiva hosts its own tapas festival over four days. Head to Plaza Alpujarra (the big square on the way to the weekly market) and you’ll be greeted by the huge marquee … Continue reading