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Skies, dam, skies and stale biscuits

Walking across Rules dam (presa de Rules) in Andalucía is like being an ant scaling the back of an elephant; you feel pretty damn small. Surrounded by mountains, it’s quite a sight.

Alone, it also feels like you’re part of a Hollywood film, standing in the howling wind waiting for a dodgy deal to be struck or for a secret lover to arrive. In fact, the metal railings that stop you toppling into the waters below have a thousand hearts and names etched into them – the scene of snogs, break-ups and, who knows, maybe the odd marriage proposal.

Here’s an earlier post about the Rio Guadalfeo and Rules Dam, which contains a great map and links to more images. The clip below lasts 40 seconds – hold onto your hats.

[We ate four, week-old almond biscuits in the car so we could come up with the post title. We know, it’s awful.)

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2 thoughts on “Skies, dam, skies and stale biscuits

  1. I call it the 007 dam! It’s a ‘Bond meeting his nemesis, fight ensues, justice prevails, flicks off dust and walks calmly away’ kinda dam!

    Posted by Helena Mackenzie | November 24, 2014, 7:51 pm

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