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Classic cars in Lanjarón

In nearby Lanjarón we stumbled upon a parade of classic cars looping through the town. There were some beauties including a Morgan, Citroën, a very handsome and plump old Jaguar and a few Mercedes. If anybody knows what the large, open-backed car is, please let us know.

We didn’t get an opportunity to ask which car club this was but there are a few around including the Classic Car Club of Andalucia and the Sol Classic Car Club.

It’s a curious passion – driving from place to place in vintage vehicles. While their beauty can’t be denied it’s a bit like walking around town in a pretty bonnet adorned with cherry blossom, hoping everyone will stop and stare (a bit like we did). It must appeal to the show-off in people.

The clip below begins by overlooking the Moorish castle in Lanjarón twinkling in the afternoon heat, as our attempt at replicating a scene from The Italian Job unfolds.

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2 thoughts on “Classic cars in Lanjarón

  1. The large open backed car Is a Daimler DS420 Laundalette.

    Posted by rattle | October 31, 2014, 2:39 pm
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