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A mole cricket turns up

With, what seems, the entire flying ant population of Andalucia ending up in the pool, we were introduced to a new creature this morning. One of the cats may have brought it in as a gift – it’s kinda ugly and beautiful at the same time. We think it’s a mole cricket (Gryllotalpa brachyptera).

We know little about it, where it came from, what it was doing before we almost stepped on it. Is there a gigantic cavern underneath the house with millions of the critters?

You can see its mole-like ‘feet’ in these photos we took. A quick hug goodbye and it was gone.

Mole cricket

Mole cricket

Notes on a Spanish Valley blog takes an interest too in the various bugs that turn up – see this post here.

Snakes, spiders, scolopendra, scorpions: if it’s not one sting, it’s another.

[More about the mole cricket here.]

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