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To the coast again: Almuñécar

Heading south from Órgiva to the coast, the towns of Salobreña, Almuñécar and Nerja – with space in between (unlike some parts of Spain’s coast) – arrive as you drive west towards Málaga. With the sparkling sea to your left it’s hard to not crane your neck, hoping to glimpse Africa over the hazy horizon. … Continue reading

Late summer garden bits ‘n bobs (photo)

Here are a few things collected from the garden as the warmth very slowly recedes. On the left is a prickly pear which are a nightmare to handle. They have tiny spikes, thinner than a strand of hair, which can get into your skin with ease. What’s more, they are then almost impossible to see to … Continue reading

Classic cars in Lanjarón

In nearby Lanjarón we stumbled upon a parade of classic cars looping through the town. There were some beauties including a Morgan, Citroën, a very handsome and plump old Jaguar and a few Mercedes. If anybody knows what the large, open-backed car is, please let us know. We didn’t get an opportunity to ask which … Continue reading

Yoga for old people

Someone recently asked us – after our posts about Lanjarón, like this one – was it really full of old people? Well, on reflection, maybe not. On Sunday we caught a youth breakdancing on the Avenida de las Alpujarras while a group of teenagers watched a Taylor Swift performance on a large-screen TV. However, the flyer below was … Continue reading

A mole cricket turns up

With, what seems, the entire flying ant population of Andalucia ending up in the pool, we were introduced to a new creature this morning. One of the cats may have brought it in as a gift – it’s kinda ugly and beautiful at the same time. We think it’s a mole cricket (Gryllotalpa brachyptera). We know little … Continue reading

The ghost who didn’t want us to leave

How does the song go?: ‘If you leave me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me.‘ This is the story about a ghost who didn’t want a family it haunted to move house. When we were aged around ten, our family moved to an old farmhouse in County Wicklow, Ireland. It was a … Continue reading

A flag is raised in Órgiva

Deserted streets, overhead canopies bulging with rain water and the church bells ringing out for longer than usual – there’s a strangely damp, sombre feel to Órgiva today. Earlier, dressed in dark green and marching to a funeral-like drum, the Guardia Civil band headed up Calle Doctor Fleming to their base on Plaza Alpujarra. A … Continue reading

To Trevélez – con jamón!

We’re the millionth visitors to take the same pictures of ham but that is, after all, what Trevélez is famous for. The highest village in mainland Spain (although some would dispute this) is similar to most other white villages in Las Alpujarras: Moorish, cute (mostly), touristy in places – mainly the lower part (Barrio Bajo) – and … Continue reading

Flamenco flair at Órgiva fair

The streets are full of people as smoke from fresh, grilled sardines fills the air – a charcoaled scent of the sea. Pop-up bars selling beer in plastic glasses extend over the pavements and a muffled, looped announcement from the town’s PA is lost in chat and laughter. Órgiva’s fiesta is in full swing and … Continue reading

R.M.S. Queen Mary – a letter to a boy

In the 1970s, a family friend posted various bits ‘n bobs to a boy (one of us) about R.M.S. Queen Mary – the ‘Quadruple-Screw Turbine Steamer’ that sailed the North Atlantic from 1934 to 1967 for the Cunard White Star Line (as it was at the time). The ship is now permanently moored at Long … Continue reading