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Feria de Órgiva 2014

If you live in Órgiva you’ll know all about the feria, despite it being barely advertised for the benefit of visitors.

It started on Thursday 2 October and follows a similar pattern to last year’s events. It unofficially marks the end of summer and, as the sun is playing hide and seek between the downpours, that seems apt.

Note that shops and supermarkets are closed on Friday and on Saturday open in the morning only.

We’ve picked some highlights – the full programme, in Spanish, can be read here.

Thursday 2 October

  • 12pm: Old town hall – Artwork exhibition opening
  • 2pm: Municipal building (Plaza Alpujarra) – In honour of a lifetime of ‘work and sacrifice’ a choir entertains the oldies, dancing follows
  • 9.30pm: Municipal building – Concert by Musical Association Exoche + Feria y Fiestas 2014 poster competition awards
  • 11.30pm: Live music from the Yumara Orchestra
  • Midnight: DJ Ismael Molina keeps everybody awake for hours

Friday 3 October

  • 11am: Sports complex by the Rio Chico – Bouncy castle and a gymnastics/karate display
  • 11.30am: Recreational area by the Rio Chico – Opening of the cattle fair (bring a shovel and bucket)
  • 1.30pm: Plaza García Moreno (next to the church) – ‘Enjoy a great atmosphere’, we’ve no idea what happens (maybe Russ Abbott is singing)
  • 2.30pm: Plaza García Moreno – Floats accompanied by bands
  • 2.30pm: Plaza García Moreno – Hungry? a free paella a thousand times the size of your grandma’s hat should help. Sangria too.
  • 5pm: Old sports centre (anyone know where this is?) – Andalucian horses spectacle
  • 6.30pm: School/university – Concert including traditional music of Mecina Bombarón
  • 10pm: More music from the Yumara Orchestra

Saturday 4 October

  • 10am: Sports complex by the Rio Chico – Football with ‘City of Órgiva’ taking on a collective of other players
  • 1pm: Plaza Alpujarra – Performance by Órgiva school of traditional dance
  • 2.30pm: Plaza Alpujarra – Free plate of fried eggs with garlic accompanied by the ‘Cierrabares‘ brass band to aid digestion
  • 3.30pm: Plaza Alpujarra – ‘Best flamenco costume’ competition
  • 5pm: Old town hall – Children’s show ‘La Minipandilla
  • 9 pm: School/university – Performance by Madame Vadeguay company (€2 to charity)
  • Later: More dance and music

Sunday 5 October

  • 12pm: Children’s Day – Half-price at the funfair
  • 1pm: Recreational area by the Rio Chico – International Migas Competition
  • Midnight closing ceremony – No idea where but probably involves lots of Europop

Here’s the lovely poster…and some beautiful flamenco dresses.


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