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Pampaneira rugs (photo)

This shot, taken when friends Zainab and Kurban came to stay, was taken in Pampaneira – one of the nearby ‘white villages’ in Las Alpujarras. We’re not sure if the seated man had lost his tour party or was a local taking a rest. Either, what a lovely spot to relax. Related posts: Pampaneira: traveller, … Continue reading

Feria de Órgiva 2014

If you live in Órgiva you’ll know all about the feria, despite it being barely advertised for the benefit of visitors. It started on Thursday 2 October and follows a similar pattern to last year’s events. It unofficially marks the end of summer and, as the sun is playing hide and seek between the downpours, that … Continue reading

Making the cut – almond trees

As the sun beats down and we lie on our bench we can always hear them squawk; the sound of chainsaws. Like strimmers they’re a part of countryside living in Spain. A few of our almond trees have bitten the dust and stand, nestled among healthy fig and olive trees, gnarled and broken with their coating of … Continue reading

The Hippy Mondays #1

In honour of the alternative community here in Órgiva, we’re starting a new monthly series featuring hippies – old and new. We’re both too young to remember this side of the 1960s but have owned Iron Butterfly’s ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida‘ in the past. First up is a short 1968 film from San Francisco. It’s a great snapshot … Continue reading

Andalucia: everyone is beautiful

The helicopter’s been refuelled and a 1965 Chevrolet Impala convertible trundles down the road. Beautiful models in designer clothes snog each other and laugh about everything (maybe after hearing that joke: ‘what’s eight-foot long and smells of wee?) – yes, it’s the tourist board’s advert about visiting Andalucia. Beginning with a view of the Alhambra in Granada, there … Continue reading

Snake skin (photo)

Walks around the vicinity throw up all manner of things: half-alive cicadas, scorpions, decapitated mice, rogue dogs chasing our cats up trees, dung beetles, wild boar damage, 20-metre trails of black ants and the odd dead bird (not resting). So here today, gone tomorrow – we can now add a shed snake skin to the … Continue reading

A day on the tiles

If we photographed every unique, ceramic tile spotted in Granada, there’d be a print for every resident of the city – such is the beauty hidden in the shady doorways and sometimes-forgotten facades of the city. In an antique shop on the Gran Vía de Colón, there were individual tiles for sale dating back to the … Continue reading

Puesto 43 fish bar – Granada

Off to Granada again, we met friend Zainab (see her fabulous post about horse riding in Las Alpujarras) on a day that reached 37 degrees – ‘not that hot’ we were told, in a city known for its oven-like temperatures. It was Zainab’s suggestion to meet in Plaza Gracia, slightly off the beaten track and home … Continue reading

Solar panels outside Órgiva

A walk in heat that would melt a candle in minutes probably wasn’t a good idea; still, we headed off west out of Órgiva towards the solar plant. No idea why, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. With almost-crispy wild fennel and thyme each side – dried in the merciless heat with … Continue reading