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Restaurante Los Manueles – Granada

So, back to Granada, the bustling, baking city of much beauty. Parking the car in the Alhambra car park* (for fear of being fined for entering the inner traffic zone), we meandered down through tall trees towards el centro.

Flanked by people who had walked just 200 metres but who were sweating like athletes at the end of the 5,000m in Athens, we felt connected in our sticky clothes. It doesn’t take long and one of the reasons many locals head off out of the city in August.

Los Manueles restaurant sign

Tasks completed, we were drawn like magnets to our favourite wine bar. This time, though, we stepped two metres sideways and sat at the restaurant opposite – Restaurante Los Manueles. The restaurant’s cooling spray – from jets above us – drifted over customers like an incoming fog on the Wicklow coast. A child of two was enjoying paella (no child portions of bland pasta here); the family’s poodle almost under our table.

This can’t possibly be a restaurant review as we only had one shared dish – a plate of seafood plus a glass of wine and a large bottle of mineral water (total €20). The waiter explained that the fish pieces had been marinated in vinegar for 24 hours which made them particularly delicious. If nothing else, this post may at least point people to this quiet spot, tucked away in the back streets near Plaza Nueva.

Dishes served outside on the pavement tables include: Jamón de Sierra Nevada con habitas (cooked ham with baby broad beans); Tartar de atún con guacamole (Tuna tartare with guacamole) and Cazón en adobo (Dogfish in pickle). Inside, a series of menus are offered – around €20-€45.

Los Manueles fish dish

Brains – a local delicacy – and tripe feature large on the menu. There’s even a brain omelette but, alas, no, egg, brain, sausage, beans, brain, bacon and brain.

Restaurante Los Manueles – Reyes Católicos 61, Granada, Spain 

(* 3.5 hours of parking cost about €7, not bad to be near one of the world’s most amazing sights/sites.)

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  1. Am not a fried fish fan, but that adobo stuff is AMAZING. Could at it every day. If only it were to be had in Toledo…. 😦

    Posted by ladyofthecakes | August 21, 2014, 12:13 pm
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