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Órgiva’s most boring video (possibly)

Lo sentimos – from time to time we’re guilty of posting pictures of our cats, a thrashing lizard’s tail and loads of goats, but surely this takes the prize for the town’s most boring video – all 04:47 minutes of it. Even the six-word opening title fills the screen for a sleep-inducing 17 seconds. But then … Continue reading

You are my (partly cloudy) sunshine…

If anyone’s in any doubt about whether it’s sunny most of the time here, then this is the proof (thanks to AccuWeather). We love the slight difference in the days’ description: plenty of sunshine, sunny, sunshine, abundant sunshine, sunshine and warm…oh look, there’s a sunny, warm and less humid (worry not, it’s sunny the next day). … Continue reading

Let us prey…

While S was digging in the dirt she spotted a 5cm-long albino mantis. They change colour to camouflage themselves and this one was among white geraniums. As we carefully approached, untangling olive branches from our hair, the mantis extended its forelegs in readiness to, presumably, strike. Here’s some excellent information about them on Wikipedia. Apparently, … Continue reading

Órgiva: map and guide

Here’s our guide to Órgiva, Spain. It can be used in conjunction with our map of Órgiva below (opens in new window). Updated May 2022. Weather It’s sunny most of the time – forecast, sunrise and sunset times and up-to-date satellite picture (links open in new window). About Órgiva Órgiva is a town in Las Alpujarras, 420m above sea … Continue reading

A moving tale

Or should that be – a moving tail. Our cats hunt anything from mice, insects, birds, snakes and, today, a lizard. We think it was a Mediterranean house gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus). The lizard was rescued but its tail – jettisoned like a street robber dropping an emptied purse – continued a brief existence. Having not thought … Continue reading

Wisteria pods (photo)

Wisteria is a genus of the pea family (Fabaceae) so it’s no surprise that that these look like, well, peas in a pod – actually, they’re more like beans. We cut back a huge wisteria and found beautiful, velvety pods hiding among the forest of leaves – most around 25cm long. There was also a … Continue reading

Accessible Órgiva?

For wheelchair-users and visually-impaired people there’s mixed news about how accessible Órgiva is. The fact that most of its streets are sloped doesn’t help but the majority are gentle to average inclines, so are do-able. Because of sloping streets, and steps needed to level an entrance, many establishments do not have easy access. But rest assured, … Continue reading

Vegetable soup with coriander and preserved lemon pesto

Earlier today we looked in the fridge and decided to make a soup – and it turned out pretty well, too. In March we preserved some lemons and so glad we did as, in the right dish, they add a fabulous flavour. Ingredients: onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, handful of chopped coriander (parsley would do), loads of … Continue reading

Sounds of Órgiva – market day #2

Market day in Órgiva and the streets fill with the usual mixture of locals, expat residents and, now it’s summer, holiday makers. As mentioned before, the market is a wonderful place to stock up on items from purple and white-streaked aubergine, mild chillies and tomatoes to gigantic water melons and earthy leeks. Oh, and knickers. … Continue reading

Pintxos paradise in San Sebastián

You don’t need a grey, drizzly day, which is common in San Sebastián, to side-step into a pintxos bar in Spain. Come rain or shine, people make pilgrimages to these places and it’s no surprise: what they serve is utterly delicious. Our first experience of pintxos was great fun and, before touring several in the narrow streets … Continue reading

Moss – San Sebastián (photo)

While in France we popped over to San Sebastián (Donostia) in Spain – a place famous for its food and history. We stayed just one night so saw a fraction of this beautiful city. We visited the castle and excellent museum and on the way up snapped this moss and the grey bay.   Related posts: … Continue reading