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Stone wall – Órgiva (photo)

This stone wall, with the Sierra de Lújar behind, was spotted on a recent walk. They are a common sight but this one struck us as being particularly lovely. (Click image for higher-res.)   Related posts: A tiger sky (photo) The darling buds of March Smoke got in our eyes © con jamón spain

Vans of Órgiva

At times, Órgiva resembles a van convention – pristine German giants, cute Scooby-Doo VWs – with whole families/dogs spilling out of them – and, more often, beaten-up types laden with work stuff. OK, ‘van’ maybe be used here a bit loosely but we like looking at them, so here are some photos which include curtains. … Continue reading

Spain’s best bus stop? – Soportújar

Waiting for a bus in the afternoon sun can be quite taxing, but if it’s at the bus stop at the turning off to Soportújar from Órgiva, then at least you’re in a lovely spot. In fact, we think it must be Spain’s best bus stop. We’re unsure when the model of the village was put … Continue reading

The weevil dead (part 2)

In part 1 of the weevil dead (Dad, it’s a pun on the horror film The Evil Dead, OK?) we talked about a beetle that lays its eggs in a certain type of palm tree, causing it to wilt in the sun like a drunk spectator watching cricket at Lord’s. We now have first-hand experience … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #7

Of all the photos so far in the series, this shows perhaps the biggest change in Órgiva. Over the decades, several buildings have come into being. The church is almost obscured in the modern day shot. Today, the street runs parallel to the town’s main road between the old and new town halls and leads to … Continue reading

1967: anatomy of a film – Jerez, Andalucia (part 1)

A sherry-drinking mouse up a ladder; a pale blue Austin whizzing around Andalucia; beautiful Spanish women – and it’s all from 1967, courtesy of British Pathé, which recently put 85,000 clips on YouTube. In this film there’s barely a a word of commentary that isn’t interesting or entertaining. Watch until the end – it’s fabulous; … Continue reading

Frog chorus…OK, a duet

Scrambling up a steep bank this evening – all David Attenborough-like – we captured the bonkers sound of frogs. Not ducks being strangled but, presumably, the mating call of the plump little things that use a nearby alberca (water tank) as a place to hang out. An alberca up the lane recently had a whole choir … Continue reading

Aloe Aloe (photo)

Having grown up on marigolds, sweet peas and clematis we’ve encountered some alien-looking plants here. We’re hopeless at identifying almost any we encounter, so unsure exactly what species of genus this plant below is. Perhaps it’s an Aloe greatheadii. If anyone knows, please tell us. Whatever it is, it’s a stunner. These photos (of the same plant) … Continue reading

Hotel Alcadima restaurant – Lanjarón

A decent starter followed by a so-so main course – sound familiar? Off we went for the menu del dia at Hotel Alcadima in Lanjarón, a 10-minute drive from Órgiva. We parked, headed to the spot our own favourite photo was taken and headed down a side street to the hotel. We found a shady spot outside to … Continue reading