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Wild boar damage

Our garden has been invaded…by wild boar, jabali in Spanish. It’s obvious where; several patches of earth have been rummaged-around-in and tell-tale hoof scrapes can be seen. It’s like someone has come along intending to dig a hole to Australia and given up after 10 minutes. We tried to do the same thing as kids in … Continue reading

Rio Chico churns

It’s rained a fair bit over the last two days. As clouds race across the valley like galloping horses, underfoot, the orange soil turns into mush. The Rio Chico, often a dust-bed of rocks and debris, is back on speaking terms. Overnight on the Sierra Nevada, 10cm of snow fell. In time it will make … Continue reading

Images from the ‘Hecho en La Alpujarra’ festival, Órgiva

Yesterday we visited all the stands at the ‘Hecho en La Alpujarra’ festival here in Órgiva. It was busy with people trying out local produce and admiring the handmade products from rugs to pottery, shoes to jewellery. We couldn’t resist a plate of meats – although some were hard to identify, so we left them. Pampaneira’s … Continue reading

‘Hecho en La Alpujarra’ festival in Órgiva

[Note: this post dated mid-April]. This weekend it’s the 19th annual Hecho en la Alpujarra (Made in La Alpujarra) festival. It celebrates the customs, products and crafts of the area. So, if you happen to be in town why not pop down and take a look? Much of the festival is near the Rio Chico/sports … Continue reading

On the buses – an American in Paradise (guest post)

…in this instance, a Californian boy and a Sussex girl living in the Midwest, US. Months ago, Ed and Charlotte got in contact via con jamón spain. When they visited Las Apujarras it was fantastic to meet them in Órgiva. Here’s their story of the month they spent here: When you live in Car Culture, USA, public … Continue reading

A tiger sky (photo)

It’s been a great day today. A grey ceiling took hours to break into sunshine and then a tiger-stripe sky appeared on the walk home. A man told us he spots ten snakes each spring on average. One of us got stung picking up a lemon and has a palm like a strawberry wine gum. … Continue reading

A bang on the ear – in Órgiva (part 2)

What came before the Big Bang? Who knows; but it’s a whole lot quieter here in Órgiva. The roads have re-opened and the detritus of 10,000 bangers swept up. The church doors are once again locked. Over the weekend, normally quiet bars were packed with happy families dressed in beautiful clothes. Babies were passed around … Continue reading

A bang on the ear – in Órgiva

Not since April Fool’s Day 1979, at a Motörhead gig at the Lyceum in London, have we experienced such a cacophony. As part of Semana Santa – when the statue of Cristo de la Expiración at the altar of Órgiva’s church is removed and carried around town – there are fireworks; very, very loud ones. Today, a 100 … Continue reading

Signs and adverts of Órgiva #4

There’s nothing new about an advert in Órgiva offering ‘healing’ and ‘ways to find yourself’ but one advert caught our eye as it had a menu of things offered by ‘Two Powerful Shaman’ who ‘offer profound healing’. Wow. Make of it what you will but does anyone have any idea what these things are? The most baffling … Continue reading