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Greenhouse gassing on

Readers who have stuck with us from the start may remember this post about our Andalucian Acclimatisation Capsule (try saying that after a few sherries). After 40 months of rain, blue skies have returned to southern England and our greenhouse, while not in Andalucia, is a warm, wooden womb of loveliness.

It’s still months away from spiders, ant invasions and bird poo on the glass – the feasting on bugs and berries causes mass voiding of bird bums – but today, as the sun’s rays tapped on the glass, there was nothing to do except enjoy our capsule. Even a fox came to say hello, unhindered by our cat Possum, protector and head of the family.

Sprigs of life have begun to appear from moss-covered earth and the row of tiny cacti on a shelf, like stage-managed models, have gathered cobwebs over time. Even last year’s hot summer couldn’t kill them.

This time last year we were planting herbs and other things; this year a graveyard of terracotta pots suggests a change.


Plant pots

Plant in greenhouse

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