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Images of Órgiva

Here’s a montage of images taken in, or around, Órgiva. Only one or two have been used before on the blog. Check beneath the image to find out what they each are. Click on the image to open a hi-res version.

Orgiva Spain montage

(1) Benizalte, 16th century olive mill (2) Graffiti  (3) Ceramic mural of Órgiva (4) Totem pole, El Morreón

(5) Órgiva fair poster 1999 (6) Churros (7) Rose at cemetery (8) Sign outside Galindo (9) Santa Filomena

(10) Old building (11) Truck at El Morreón (12) Graffiti: ‘The poor are hungry(13) Our scruffy ‘advert’ !

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