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Picture Post

Many moons ago we both drew and painted like crazy. M’s zenith of creativity was a lovingly illustrated hymn book, while S’s – studying at Chelsea School of Art in London – was a series of life drawing studies. She produced so much work we have several portfolios bulging with sketches and paintings. She started … Continue reading

Goodbye, Paco de Lucía

Whatever I do, my sound will always be flamenco – because I am what I am A while back we wrote a post about coleslaw – oh, and the amazing guitarist Paco de Lucía. He’s died of a heart attack, aged 66, on a beach in Mexico. The mayor of his birth town – Algeciras in … Continue reading

A piece of the Alhambra in London

The piece of the Alhambra is a tile that’s been locked away in the British Museum’s collection – or gawped at – since 1802. The museum’s sheer size means you need to walk a million miles for one of its tiles, but found it was, in the dim light of the Enlightenment Room. A hummingbird … Continue reading

Fly me to the gloom

And gloomy it is in the UK. It was a wrench to leave Andalucia’s blue sky and confetti of pink almond blossom scattering the paths. It’s not the first time – and not forever – we’ve made several trips back home. We jumped on board the carousel of airport lounges, airline seats and airline food. … Continue reading

Northern Soul Girl dances in Andalucia

More Stuff we find: A video shot in Brighton, UK, of a woman dancing should bring a smile to most people’s faces (unless you’re a miserable old git). The woman – Levanna McLean – has since hopped on a plane (or maybe boat) and recorded a new film dancing in a village in the province … Continue reading

Crack open the Cava – we’re one today!

A year ago today we sat at home in the UK writing our first post – a short review of Paul Richardson’s book, A Late Dinner. My, how time has flown. Since then, snakes have been spotted, goats fed and a kitten has joined the family. We’ve marvelled at the beautiful scenery, spoken some dodgy Spanish, … Continue reading

Torres de Fawlty: if Basil had been Spanish

Watching Fawlty Towers on DVD had us wondering what some of the classic phrases would be in Spanish. After all, most of us have had a car break down or impersonated someone else by wearing a wig and sunglasses. When the programme was exported to Spain, Manuel – Soy de Barcelona – became Italian (Paolo) and … Continue reading

Images of Órgiva

Here’s a montage of images taken in, or around, Órgiva. Only one or two have been used before on the blog. Check beneath the image to find out what they each are. Click on the image to open a hi-res version. (1) Benizalte, 16th century olive mill (2) Graffiti  (3) Ceramic mural of Órgiva (4) … Continue reading