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Imagine Bar, Órgiva

Imagine Bar OrgivaA while back, Rafa (Snr) and Rafa (Jnr) upped sticks and left Vanila 42 by the market. They headed for a more central spot in town, moving into a handsome building on the main route through Órgiva. It couldn’t be more different from their previous place.

It doesn’t have a kitchen, so the pork stews and paella you may get elsewhere are replaced by tapa of the more simple variety – jamón, olives, cheese. That’s not to say it’s boring; on the contrary, we like what it offers.

A Guinness installation at the bar doesn’t, alas, serve the black stuff. We’ve yet to find it in Órgiva – although DeCurtis bar claims to sell it.

What makes this bar different is that, for better or worse, it’s a themed bar and secondly, the music ranges from Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie and U2 to The Who and, surprise, The Beatles. Most bars here don’t even play music – and the ever-on TV means you can watch a politician’s indiscretions to a backdrop of Don’t You Want Me?

Unlike many bars here, there’s no open terrace which may count against it in the summer months – let’s wait and see. The two large speakers perch precariously above the bar suggest it’s more of an evening place.

Imagine Bar is charming in a 1980s time-warp kind of way. There are red plastic chairs and huge paintings of John Lennon, one of which looks like he’d been eating burgers for a month. The lyrics to Imagine are written large by the entrance – and there’s even a Stratocaster guitar (copy) behind the bar.

Imagine Bar Orgiva

Imagine there’s no Guinness

We normally go in the morning when the sun streams through the vast windows like a spotlight. Grab that guitar and you, too, could be transported to Shea Stadium – although the bar is a homage to Lennon. There are no photographs of Ringo. Or Paul. Or George. Or Yoko (a bed nailed to the ceiling would be a nice touch).

If you’re in town, give it a go. The bar is on Twitter and Facebook which, believe us, says a lot about the place. Órgiva may just be stepping into the modern age. Imagine that.

Imagine Bar: Open everyday (except Sundays) from 4pm to late. Avda Gonzales Robles. [Update: August 2014 – bar seems to be closed at the moment.]

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4 thoughts on “Imagine Bar, Órgiva

  1. decurtis bar does indeed sell the black stuff on draft

    Posted by ian | February 2, 2014, 1:22 pm
  2. You know, ‘claim’ – need proof. Sure they do sell it it’s just we’ve never seen anyone drink it there yet alone seen it poured at the bar. Other places – Imagine and Rio Chico have Guinness signs but they don’t serve it. Remember the blog is through our eyes, not people who may have lived here years…

    Posted by con jamón spain | February 2, 2014, 9:05 am
  3. What do you mean “claims to sell it”? It does!

    Posted by Dead Woman Walks | February 1, 2014, 9:24 pm
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