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Lightning: a first time for everything

Just over three weeks ago we ate roast lamb while the thirsty earth soaked up the rain. There have been many warm, sunny days since – until today. Awoken at 4am, flashes of lightning lit the mountains. It was a Hammer Horror climax without the Count, a Glastonbury set, a flickering arc light, rolled into one.

Our kitten, with her cauliflower-coloured fur and face-rubbed-with-coal look, was snucked up between us. At the first strike she was up, peering out the window like a meercat. It was the first time she’d experienced lightning and thunder.

We wondered – being swiped and hissed-at by Tinkerbell each morning, who turns into a toast-burning dragon – what fears go on inside her little head: ‘Is this what the world is really like?’.

But as the rain poured off the roof like a burst pipe, she was back to loving arms. Eight hours later the unrelenting downpour invited her into the garden for the first time; her soft white underbelly became a wet mass of fur: ‘Is this what the world is really like?’.

Throughout the day, misty clouds have nestled between the dips and peaks of the Sierra de Lújar, the light ever-changing. JMW Turner would have loved it here, capturing the brilliant, swirling skies.

At 450m we literally have our heads in the clouds…well almost. It’s been a non-stop black and white movie of nature’s beauty.

Higher up on the Sierra Nevada the snow’s been falling. According to Steph at MeteoGib, 15-20cm fell last night with another 20-30cm possible for tomorrow. Good news if you enjoy skiing.

For one young cat, it’s been a stimulating – and wet – day.


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2 thoughts on “Lightning: a first time for everything

  1. Yes, we had thunder and lightning on and off all night, too!

    Posted by Marianne | January 19, 2014, 8:34 pm
  2. That is one content looking cat! 🙂

    Posted by Expat Eye | January 18, 2014, 11:51 pm
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