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Shaking, pruning and burning

Like rats and ridiculous burgers in London, you’re never far away from an olive tree In Andalucia. For several weeks, the familiar sound of tapping could be heard as workers remove olives from the trees. Some farmers use noisy, vibrating machines to dislodge them. Large black nets are placed underneath to catch the olives. We’ve heard a … Continue reading

Bubión chimney (photo)

This isn’t a chimney belonging to a very small house but an ornamental one. It’s at the viewing point as you enter Bubión – the deathly-quiet village sandwiched between Pampaneira and Capileira. The view from any of these white villages at the moment is breathtaking as the snow has come. They always stand out against the rock but … Continue reading

A curry on the coast: Nerja

[Update 2022: the original owner of Jaipur has since left and we cannot comment on the place now. We have since discovered ‘Mum’ in Nerja, not far from the Balcon de Europa, which is very good.] Last night I dreamt I went to Jaipur again. This time though, not the Indian restaurant in Dublin, rather … Continue reading

Lightning: a first time for everything

Just over three weeks ago we ate roast lamb while the thirsty earth soaked up the rain. There have been many warm, sunny days since – until today. Awoken at 4am, flashes of lightning lit the mountains. It was a Hammer Horror climax without the Count, a Glastonbury set, a flickering arc light, rolled into one. … Continue reading

Music we listened to in 2013

Music plays a big part in this ‘house’ – wherever that may be at any given time. We’d like to pretend we’ve increased our knowledge of the Notre Dame school of polyphony from the 12th century – but we listened to other stuff instead. Here are our favourite songs of the past year – old and … Continue reading